Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hello and Goodbye

So I thought that I wanted another dog.
I told the hubs that another puppy is something that
I needed to fill this empty space I
have in my heart. I said I would get another
Jack Russell like our Bella and we would get one this summer.
So the kids and I would be home to spend time
with it.
But after he said yes I got all excited and started
searching the internet for one.
I found an ad and lucky me they had one left.
I drove 45 minutes to see this puppy, telling Little E
I had a surprise.
He wasn't as excited as I was.
Once I saw how
cute she was I knew she was coming home with us.

But only four days into puppyhood
I knew that having a puppy around
wasn't going to work for us.
Trying to make it home in 3 hours to take her to go
potty wasn't possible, the potty training was leaving
me frustrated and not to mention having her admist the flea problem
we were having. It was stressful.
I tried to suck it up but Bella and Hannah we not getting
along like I had hoped. Bella is used to being the only
dog after the loss of Ryelee back in December.
So Friday afternoon I made the choice to find her a new home.
It was quicker than I thought and worked out perfectly.
She went to her new and permanent home this morning.
After the kids woke up this morning, I explained to them where
she went. They took it better than I had feared it would go.
The family she went to was so excited.
I look at it like I was a go between for this dog.
No more animal adventures for me, our house is
full enough.
Happy Trails Hannah.


Bobbey said...

She looks like a sweet little puppy. I'm glad you were able to find her a good home, even if it wasn't' in yours!

p.s. I've left a little something for you on my blog!

Diane said...

Glad you were able to find her a good home. Sometimes what we think we want is not always what's best for us. Sounds like it worked out just the way it was supposed to though! :)

Shell said...

I just can't handle a dog. We're busy enough here.