Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Got This

So I'm going to attempt to get my feet wet. Again. When I tried this blogging thing, what was that, like five years ago? I had no idea I would get so sucked in. That's a bad way of looking at it. It's not like it's a drug and you want more. It doesn't happen overnight. Little by little I found myself writing more, getting people to read my writing and then before I knew it, I was posting more than once a day. I was dreaming about my next pst, writing snippets on pieces of paper. Voice recording blog posts on my phone. Then, my life with children demanded my time. I quit working full time...

Blogging was hard. Where was the time? You think that being home you'll have ALL this time to write. Sure, the ideas were there, but where was the damn time.? It was non existent. I couldn't stand sitting in front of my laptop writing a post and telling my kids to hold on, mommy was busy. 

I'm going to slip back into my comfort zone and do one of the things I enjoy. One thing that lets me decompress. One place I can let the words spill out and if you judge me, oh well. If you like what I have to say, awesome! One thing for sure, it won't involve me having to discipline you, tell you to stop doing that or require me to feed you some meal or a snack. 

I'm going to start writing about my newest little man. The little pumpkin that changed my world. Fill in the blanks along the way. It's not a fresh start, just going to try and pick up the pieces where I left them. I'm not even sure where that was. I guess I might even have to go back and look. I forgot too. 

But one thing is for sure, I got this!  Like it says..