Saturday, September 19, 2009

Summer Vacation Revisited-Part 1

Only four weeks after school started I've decided to post about our summer. I'll go backwards and start from the last major event. Pixy Girl's 6th birthday! We decided to celebrate it at home with just family this year and enjoy sub sandwiches, chips, cake and ice cream. It was nice not having to worry about entertaining a bunch of kids and all the chaos that goes into a larger scale party.

Pixy Girl still scored plenty of gifts from the grandmas, her aunts/uncles and mommy and daddy. The gift that she hoping to get and even asked for while she went gift shopping with my mother was presented at the end of the party. A brand new bicycle!!

She couldn't wait to try it out. She jumped on it without any shoes and tried to pedal it out on the lawn. She didn't get too far before her feet started hurting.

Here she is all suited up with her helmet and she has her shoes on, even though you can't see them. As you can tell from her face, she wasn't haven't a good time with it. Living on a dirt road was going to take some time to learn how to pedal harder on the packed road. Since the party she has mastered riding and enjoys doing it every chance she gets.

Having a party in August requires water and LOTS of it to keep
cool. So we busted out the shamu kiddie pool for the Pixy Girl, Little Prince and their little cousins. What a great idea that was! They had a barrel of laughs playing with the water spout. I think the adults had more fun shooting it in their faces!

What a better way to end the party with cake and ice cream. Chocolate cake iced with chocolate fudge with vanilla ice cream to be exact. YUM!