Thursday, June 9, 2011

Life Without Kids:WW

The phone rings, it's early in the morning, the sun hasn't even crested to show it's brilliance in the sky.
It's 5 am.
I find my cell phone laying on my nightstand in my room. I really don't know if I want to answer it because I know it will mean leaving the comfort of my king sized bed. 1000 thread count sheets. Down sateen comforter. My memory foam pillow that won't be holding the hollowed out spot where my head was once laying.
It continues to ring.
I answer the phone, the sleep still in my voice "hello?" It's an emergency call from my answering service about a prized show German Shepherd that is in labor. The caller needs me to meet them at my office.
I know that my expert reputation is on the line if I don't head in to the office. As if I wouldn't go in anyways, there's nothing holding me back. My job is my love, it is my life.
Being a veterinarian was my life dream. After finishing college in Orlando, I interned at a local veterinarian's office and got my feet wet. The clients were a mix of wealthy pet owners who would pay any price to protect and save their beloved pets and low income pet owners who chose the later.
I finished my internship and moved from my hometown to the rural outskirts of Orange County to pursue my career in the largely populated suburbs. I partnered with an established vet's office and built up my clients. I knew the animals by face and name better than the owners. I'd always had a connection with animals better than people.
I married the man I partnered with at the vets office. We didn't have children. Our children were our rescued strays from the office.
We loved animals.
Life was good. If I had children I wouldn't be able to wake in the middle of the night and leave on a whim without worrying about who would be there for them. Children weren't in the cards for us anytime soon. If at all.

Describe what you think your life would be like if you had never had kids.

I thought it would be fun to think about what my life would look like if I had not
chosen love when I met my husband as a senior in high school. I had decided that
I would not get serious with anyone so I could go to college and pursue my
life long dream to be a veterinarian.
Life threw my a choice and I chose love. I would never go back
and redo it because I LOVE my children with my heart and soul.
I would miss the early morning wake ups with some one standing at
my bedside at 5:30 in the morning. The messy chocolate faces
after digging through the pantry to sneak chocolate chip cookies.
I would miss the noise in the back seat of the van, the laughter
while watching DVD's with their headphones on.
The moment each of my children were born is forever born into my brain.
The moment their eyes locked with mine, our souls were intertwined.


Carrie said...

I miss sleep sometimes...I am regularly woken up at 5am by my 3yo. That kid doesn't know how great sleep is :)

Visiting from Mama Kat's

Cbar_k said...

Nicely done! And your blessings are beautiful!
Chris from Bridgesburning
Just popped in from Mama Kat to say hi!

Jdaniel4smom said...

I sounds you have found more happiness and success than the woman in your story. Her sheets do sound heavenly.

Anonymous said...

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