Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I have this feeling in my chest that is hard to describe. Sadness? Disappointment? Jealousy? Anger?
It might be all of those emotions rolled up in one.
It hurts when some one intentionally does something to you that isn't very nice. But when they unintentionally do something to you without thinking about how it may affect you or those around you. It bothers me.
Maybe because I do try to think of others before I do things. I might not have in the past but I've learned that your actions will affect others.
The hardest part about it. It affects my kids.
If it were just me, then I'd be able to brush it off. Get past it and move on. Maybe I'd hold a grudge for a bit but I'd get over it. But....not when my babies are involved.
I'm a mom. and sometimes a bit overprotective. But while they're little, impressionable and don't know how to handle their feelings like I do, I get upset.
I haven't decided where to go from here. It's only day one and the affects are still raw.
I haven't spoken to the person who did the unintentional act that has bothered me. I don't know what to say. The options in my head are to either take a step back and distance myself or say something and put the wedge there.
Time will tell.


shellthings said...

When it involves my kids, I have a very hard time moving on. 

The Bipolar Diva said...

mess with me and I can blow it off, usually, but mess with my kids and I'll kick your butt!