Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Minute:06/20

It's been a long eventful weekend and I'm glad to be sitting in my favorite recliner in the living room on my computer. It's funny how I remember the last time I went to Sea World with the kids, the traffic was so bad when we were leaving, I wrote my answers for a MM while in the car on my phone. This time we left early.

Monday Minute

1 - In terms of having sex, etc, what's your 'safe word'? I don't have a "safe" word.The hubs and I don't communicate in words when in the midst of friends or the kids, when we're thinking of leaving the the room. We have a "look". The eyebrow and a cock of the head, while making eye contact.

2 - What are you wearing? After a long day for Father's Day with the kids and hubs at Sea World. I am now comfortably sitting in my cotton running shorts and a t-shirt. Comfy clothes.

3 - How are you feeling? Exhausted. 90+ degree heat, crowds of people squished together to watch Shamu soak us and long lines waiting to ride Journey to Atlantis. (55 minute wait to ride for 3-4 minutes.)

4 - How many and which languages can you speak fluently? just one. English. I took French in high school and that has not been retained.

and finally...

5 - Name at least one thing that you did as an adolescent that if you caught your child (or future child) doing, you'd get pretty mad. Sneak out my window and to go see a boy. Ugh. I did it once at my house and got caught the first time. The repercussions from that were awful and that boy was not worth it.


Purseblogger said...

I haven't been to Sea World in years!  We really need to take our kids.  I've missed you too.  How've you been? xoxo

Alexis AKAMOM said...

Oh Girl Sea World on that weekend, you crazy my dear .. lol!  I'm so a my bubble space kind of person.  I so would not be good on a packed day like that!

I love the head nod and eyebrow raise :)

Ian said...

Safe word being....let's say your husband's trying something new with you in the sack.  He takes it one step too far.  Something like that.

Crazykindofmom said...

It really wasn't that bad. We saw the first Shamu show and got at seat in the Soak Zone pretty easily. The downfall was later in the day.

Crazykindofmom said...

Yeah, that question confused me. Bwahaha!

Staciesmadness said...

Is there any boy worth the repercisson?