Tuesday, June 21, 2011

RemembeRED:I crawled

We partied the night away, my best friend Keri and I. Dancing. Drinking. Moving our barely clothed bodies on the dance floor among the other hundreds of other party goers. It was a regular Saturday night ritual after working a long day.
Ladies night. Free well drinks. We mixed our free drinks with shots of vodka. Vodka and lemon juice. Those lemon drops always went down so easy. Followed by sucking the sugar coated lemon wedge. Before you realize it, you're pretty well tipsy. Well past tipsy.
I get caught up in the moment. The laughter and fun. My mind losing rationality and forgetting how many drinks I have consumed.
The evening is winding down. Time to leave the club while we still have enough sense to remember where we parked the car.

The cool night air hits me and it refreshes the senses. We giggle and laugh as we walk to the parking lot. I'm giggling like a kid again. Forgetting about the long week for awhile.
I don't remember the ride home, thankfully I'm the passenger and Keri is driving us home. I enter my parents quiet house. They are asleep. It is two in the morning.

I undress and drop my clothes on the floor, slipping a t-shirt over my head. I crawl into the cool sheets of my water bed. My room is almost quiet except for the sound of my overhead fan whirring. I would have been okay laying there letting my head spin while I closed my eyes. But I moved and rolled over to clear my head. Uh oh.

I rush to the bathroom and wrap my arms around the cool, porcelain rim and the contents of my evenings drinks spill into the toilet water. That sucked. If I had only not moved, I would have been in control of the spinning in my head. I crawled back to my bed.

The first time I crawled after drinking.

*The prompt for this week's remembeRED post....It's a fill-in-the-blank-for-your-own-prompt Prompt: The first time I ________-ed after _________-ing. This is a true story of a time I went out drinking with a best friend of mine after I turned 21. It seems so long ago that this was a regular time of my life.


angelshrout said...

OH praying to the porcelain god .. I can honestly say I never did it drunk but anytime I got near p0t I puked my guts up.. Guess who never tried any illegal drugs after that fiasco.. yeah that would be me.

Amy said...

Oh!  We all know this a little to well... Great story :)

From Tracie said...

Moments like this are what keep me from getting drunk anymore!

Great story. 

Isn't it nice to not have that as a part of your regular life?

Galit Breen said...

Oh. Ouch. So vivid. So -ahem- memorable.

I loved the fun of the night. {And lemon drops- pure yum!}

I also loved the clear turning points- heading home, feeling sick, crawling. Great peaks to your story. Sorry about the sicks. Not so fun!