Friday, June 17, 2011

Week Recap before Dad's Day

This week has been quite a whirlwind for me. Of course it happens after I decided that I was going to be better about writing more frequently again and regular posting. I guess it happens to the best of us.

My old church was holding their annual Vacation Bible School and since Miss K enjoys and needs camps to do this summer, I agreed that she could go. It was held from 6:20pm -8:45 every night and I didn't plan on Little E being able to go. Much to my surprise, they were offering a preschool class for siblings of the school age kids that were attending. I didn't find this out until Wednesday since my mother picked up Miss K for Monday ( I was out of commission with a stomach flu) and Tuesday we had other plans.
The kids wanted to spend the night at Grandma's house on Thursday night after VBS so after dropping them off at the church, the hubs and I had the evening to ourselves. An unplanned night....alone....kidless!

After what seemed like forever for me to decide where to dine without the kids.We went to dinner at our local and favorite steak house. I wanted to go somewhere that the kids don't like to eat at, like the Chinese Buffet. I know, I'm crazy. But I love this buffet. They offer a Hibachi grill and some decent sushi. I'm picky about chinese food which makes it hard for me to order takeout. But the choice for steak worked out nicely. I was able to eat my steak while it was still warm and not deal with bathroom breaks and picky eating kids.

After dinner the hubs and I went to WalMart. Yeah, I know...another great place for a kidless night. I needed to pick up a birthday gift for a party we're going to on Saturday afternoon and it's so much easier to shop in the toy department without my two. It felt like old times, meandering through the store...the quiet.. the alone time. Of course, I took my big kid, the third child in the family..yes, hubs, to the electronics department. He convinced me to buy a movie.

So the evening ended with us watching Battle:Los Angeles on the home theater, shaking the house down. It was really nice.

Today, started my weekend for Father's Day. My dad wanted to have his truck washed for his gift. I agreed to take care of it for him and take his truck where I get my van washed. I've been taking my van there for quite some time and never had a problem. Of course something had to happen to my dad's truck. Going through the machine, his mirrors stick out farther and the passenger one was pushed in by the machine. I didn't notice it until I pulled out to leave, the glass in the mirror was shattered. Just great. Thankfully, after speaking with the manager, he assured me that he would replace the mirror at the company's expense. Whew!

This weekend is going to be really fun. We're going to a birthday party for a friend's son, a Father's Day dinner with in laws on Saturday early evening and Sunday we're going to Sea World with hub's brother and family. The kids can hardly wait!

How are you celebrating the Father's in your life? Hope you have a great weekend!


Singlemominthesouth said...

Happy Father's Day to the important men in your life!  Sometimes, when you are kid-free, just doing the things you'd do anyway but WITHOUT kids makes it special!

Beth Zimmerman said...

You have a great one too, Tiffany! Some times wandering around WalMart, sans kids, is the best kind of date! Especially since now you didn't have to do it later with them in tow!

Alexis AKAMOM said...

don't you just love VBS, I can't wait for the one around us starts.  let the boys out for a few hours is GREAT!