Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Last Time.....

My friend Elizabeth over at Confessions from a Mom came up with this little game. She recently gave birth to her second child, a little boy and all us mamas know how tough it is to take a shower even with one little one around. So in her words. "So I came up with this fun little game this morning, when I was trying to figure out the last time I had showered. I hope you play along".

The Last Time You...

...took a shower: this morning

...shaved your legs: this morning. It's hot here in Florida so I wear either capris or shorts everyday until the end of September. your hair cut, colored or professionally styled: last month about 3 weeks ago. I keep a regular schedule on haircuts.

...wore mascara: put some on this morning. Have you seen me without mascara??!?? I don't think my eyelashes exist unless I have given them a good coating. a non-children's book: last night. I'm reading The Other Daughter by Lisa Gardner on my Kindle. It's funny how I can read a book faster on that.

...cleaned your kitchen: cleaned? everyday I do the dishes. Deep cleaned? uhhh. It's been a few months.

...changed the sheets on your bed: I use the same set all the time, I wash them every two weeks. They were washed on Monday.

...kissed your children: my daughter- this morning. my son-last night.

...took a vacation: December 2010, Colorado. Ahh.

...took a vacation... without the kids: uhhh. haven't the slightest idea.

...went to the gym: I quit the gym.

...talked to your mother (in person or on the phone): today. I work for my parents, two days a week.

...told your spouse you loved him/her: this morning.


Elizabeth @ Confessions said...

First, I'm impressed you keep regularly scheduled hair appointments... I used to, but have gotten off track. And, how do you like your Kindle? I am one of those people who "likes to fold down the page to mark my spot," but I'm on the fence about the e-readers! I'd love to hear your opinion!

Queen Bee said...

Ahh Colorado! I miss you!!! You are such a regularly scheduled person, that is awesome! My hair cuts come when I think for about a month "wow my hair isn't doing good." Then I call and schedule it's about every 4-6 months.  I wish I could get on a more routine schedule with all the things I have to do in my life, maybe one day!