Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Fragments #152

I love Friday Fragments (just a day late) with Mrs. 4444.
I haven't participated in awhile but it feels good to
just jot down snippets of thoughts and call it a day.
Mommy's Idea

*The closer I get to my son's fourth birthday I realize that he's growing up. My little man is exiting toddler hood and will be embracing little boy status. He's going to be more interested in sports, trucks and bicycles than sitting in his mama's lap.

*This past week was one of the best week's so far this summer for the kids and I. After four weeks we finally got ourselves a great routine for the week. Even when we have moments where I can't take much more of their "mom!! she's touching me!!" or "mom, he took my toy!!", we still manage to overcome the trials and pull it together and have a great day.

*It's been so dry for many weeks, that even watering the lawn for 2 hours in each section, it was still dry hours later. Now, it's been raining everyday for over a week. The smell of moisture outside is bugging me. It's so wet and it's great and you'd think that I wouldn't be complaining.

* After getting a chance to sneak away last weekend to buy birthday gifts for Little E, he tells me today that he wants something other than what I purchased. I'm hoping he's only asking for it because he saw it at Target while shopping.

*I stumbled across this awesome blog, momcomm this week and I am so inspired by her tips and information on blogging.

*I don't remember picking on my little bother as much as my two argue, grumble and having sibling rivalry. Boy, it's a tough job getting two small people to learn to get along sometimes. ugh.

*Speaking of little brothers, my younger brother moved back closer to home this week. He was in Pensacola for four years and he and his family moved back on Friday. They will be living only two hours away from us now and I'm so excited. I can't wait to give my littlest nephew hugs and smother him in kisses.


Singlemominthesouth said...

Glad to hear your brother is close by again.  I moved 600 miles to be near my sister!

doreenmcgettigan said...

Thank you for sharing MomCom; very cool!  How nice to have your brother and his family closer, my 2 brothers are about an hour away...not too bad.
Your little guy is growing up don't blink it goes very fast:)
Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

shellthings said...

My kids pick and pick and pick at each other. It drives me insane.

So exciting that your brother is closer to you now!

Varunner7 said...

I know what you mean.  My twins turn 2 next month and I'm in shock.  It's a good thing though :-)