Sunday, July 31, 2011

Peeved with Pet Peeves

I wanted to title this post with some cool twist on words but I couldn't think of anything witty. Maybe it's this massive headache I have. Of course my Tylenol is in the kids bag in the back of the van. That's a safe place for it to be.
So back to the point of this post. I've got to stop thinking about other randomness.
I couldn't resist complaining about the English language today. I did not take honors English in high school. I attempted to. It was fast paced. I couldn't keep up. I transferred back to regular English. I excelled. All four years.
What I don't understand is how any one can pass high school English, even elementary English without knowing how to spell correctly? The misuse of words drive me crazy!!
What makes it more entertaining is when people post it on public social networks. My favorites today are the incorrect use of their, there and they're.
More commonly misused then and than. Or today's laughable feature jeans instead of genes. I wanted to comment on the photo that this incorrect word was used but I refrained. I withheld my snarky comment.
The one that makes my skin crawl is your and you're. I want to scream when I see "your welcome". When did some one own welcome? The worst part is that some of the people using these words are college graduates or school teachers. I want to see their degrees to make sure I don't send my children to school there.
I know I'm not the only one who can't believe it.
Windows can recognize when you have misspelled a word but it cannot decipher what context you are using the word. It's not a grammar corrector.
That's just my two cents on that today.


Queen Bee said...

I'm an awful speller, and I understand how it could bother others. I'd just like to offer up my apologizes. :-) Some of us just can't help ourselves, we do the best we can.  I do try to re-read and correct it as much as I can, although I know sometimes people just post things quickly and never take another look.  Hang in there... if that is the worse thing we do then you are blessed! Love you hon! And know I'm just giving you a hard time!

crazykindofmom said...

Hahaha! I never think about when you mess up, I love ya too much!

shellthings said...

I always have to stop myself from pointing this sort of thing out. 

And then I'll go and mess something up b/c I'm trying to do a million things at once. ;)

Singlemominthesouth said...

Been there, done that, agree and yet sometimes find myself totally guilty! :)