Sunday, July 24, 2011

Surprise Surprise

There's nothing like enjoying the afternoon at Sea World with your husband and kids. Even when you forget to pack extra clothes for your four year old. The four year old who has a tendency to forget to tell you that he needs to go potty when he's having fun.

Or when he's having constipation issues again.

Five minutes after walking into the park I needed to head to the restroom. Both kids accompanied me and I let Little E go into a stall by himself. That was my second mistake, after forgetting to pack the spare underpants.

I'm standing outside the door and he tells me his pants are wet. Just great! In a hurry to sit down to try to go poop he forgets to pee first while standing up and just sits down. Now if you are a mom to boys, you know what this means. Inexperienced boys forget to hold down their "noodle" and close their legs and the pee goes straight out to the pants.

I'm frustrated at this point and take off his pants and throw out the underwear that are soaked. It's not like I was going to be able to convince the hubs to put them in his backpack and carry around urine soaked underwear for seven hours.

This was like a flashback to the time at Disney CityWalk back in December '10. When I actually remembered to bring spare clothes, but Little E kept wetting his pants and I ran out of clothes. We spent an hour searching the shops to find him underwear. I was lucky that time but spent a small fortune to buy Disney underwear.

We didn't get as lucky this time. No underwear are marketed by Sea World so they don't sell them. But they do have vending machines that sell diapers and anything else that you might need when traveling with small children. The catch? One pullup will cost ya $4.00.

It was pretty painful to drag the kids from the front of SW all the way back to other side of the park to locate one of the four vending machines in the park. All the while they keep asking to stop and look at this or that.

After getting the pullup on Little E, I told him not to go to the bathroom in it, to think like it was his underwear. Yeah, best laid plans.

While waiting for the Pets Ahoy show to start, Little E loudly calls out "mommy, I need to go poop!" What?!
"Are you sure?" I'm hoping he says no, because I was alone with both kids watching the show while the hubs was riding the Kracken roller coaster. So we would have abandoned our seats for another potty break.
"No. I'm good." he says.
I should have known better.

A couple of hours later I took the kids to the restroom again. It was so hot out and trying to keep the kids hydrated so what goes in, must come out. I was surprised again with a mess in Little E's pullup. Poor guy was having such a time with constipation that everytime he passed gas, it was not a pretty sight.

So we headed out again to locate another vending machine. So $8.00 later, I could've bought a whole package of pullups for what I spent on two!! The price of convenience. It's still a hard to pill to swallow.

Thankfully the second one we bought was the last one. The rest of the evening went well. No more accidents and Little E skipped dinner for a much needed nap.

I'm going to make a mental note for our next trip out and it doesn't matter where we go. I'm packing underwear, shorts, socks, wipes and a ziploc bag. I'm tired of being empty handed. I thought my diaper bag carrying days were over when the little guy was potty trained. I guess not.


Varunner7 said...

I leave a change of clothes for each kid including undies in the car at all times.  So if we need them, at least we can go back out to the car.  I wish we had a Sea World close to us - sounds like fun!

Queen Bee said...

I haven't started the change of clothes yet. I can't get past the pull ups so I have them in my purse at all times, but I have been without more times than I care for. My special place seems to be Home Depot. I think honestly we might just have to carry a diaper bag forever, unless your purse is big enough to carry all the things kids demand. 

Missy | The Literal Mom said...

First - I forget "necessities" all the time like that too.  Second, I have a child who's had constipation challenges also and it is soooooooo hard.  I feel for you.  BUT  he will outgrow it eventually.  Promise.  :)