Friday, November 21, 2008


What is it this year with all the Christmas decorations? In years past I have never seen so many houses decorated before Thanksgiving. In my neighborhood, alot of people don't get into decorating for anything. But this year the Christmas lights are shining bright!
We never decorate before Thanksgiving. I can't see buying a live tree that early. By the time Santa gets here and places his gifts under the tree the needles will be dryed up so badly that I'd be afraid to turn on the twinkle lights. Kelly won't stop asking me everyday "when are we decorating for Christmas, mommy". I can't give her an exact date. She expects me to name a day.
Maybe if I can convince the hubby to at least decorate the outside and the lawn it will satisfy my daughter's need for Christmas lights. Hopefully.
At least until this weekend I'm sure. We're planning a Christmas shopping trip for Sunday. Once she sees all the decorations in the mall and the stores I'm sure I'm done for. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Hey maybe I'll suggest sitting on Santa's lap. She is still scared of him. Maybe that will get the decorations off her mind. At least until Monday.......


We 2 Bees said...

I know. It is amazing how fast everything has appeared. Thanksgiving is later this year so I wonder if that is the reason. But - I'm so not ready. I refuse to decorate until the weekend after Thanksgiving. That is when we do it period. But the kids are ready for Christmas. I just want to enjoy each day and not rush things. Good Luck with putting her off.