Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kids do the darndest things

After eating dinner, I always ask Evan if he's done and he answers in his little boy voice "ahh done". It's the cutest thing. When he got down from his high chair tonight he must have not been finished. He ate his dinner before us because we were eating tacos and he doesn't like them yet. He sat down at his big boy chair at the table he that uses sometimes and said "eat". We gave him some cheese but he handed it back. I finished eating and sat down in the family room. Evan was wandering around, climbing up in my lap and busy being a boy. I never noticed when he walked over to his highchair and dug into the seat area. He pulled out a cookie that he left there from dinner and ate it. Not my idea of a snack. Boys will be boys. Something I'm trying to get used to.