Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy Summer

Wow. I thought the anticipation of going to visit my brother was bad. For the next two months I'm going to be very consumed with 4th of July celebrations, birthday parties, VBS, vacation and Disney World.
We've been invited to our friends Fourth of July party. To keep the kids cool, there will be kiddie pools, water slides, sprinklers and lots of juice and water to go around. For the parents, we're hoping to have an ADULT-sized water slide and we can't forget the BBQ!! I will be making my famous macaroni salad and I might surprise everyone with a yummy dessert. I'm leaning towards cool and refreshing on this one. Soo possibly a fruit salad or strawberry shortcake!! Yummy. I've heard they're having a real DJ this year, so it should be a BLAST. And we can't forget the fireworks! The kids are going to have alot of fun. I can't wait.
Evan celebrates his 2nd birthday next month. I decided that we would have a large friends and family celebration at our local State Park. I vowed I would never have a large birthday party at the house again. Or at least the current house we live in. Since the weather has been EXTREMELY, unseasonably HOT what better way to celebrate with cold water nearby to splash and swim in. It's a lot cheaper than renting a $200-300 water slide, not to mention the added expense of a security deposit.
Two weeks after we celebrate Evan's birthday, we're taking a "stay-vacation". We won't be traveling too far from home. We're planning a few beach outings, hoping to potty train Evan and we're taking Kelly and Evan to Disney World for her 6th birthday. We had originally planned to take her horse-back riding but for liability reasons they require a minimum age of 9 to ride the horses. So that idea got scratched and we had to come up with another idea for her celebration.
I can't believe we're actually doing it. DISNEY!!! Here were come Mickey Mouse! What a great way to spend the summer. We're so busy with weekly activities and the weekend's are full of fun stuff.
By the way, I'm wishing myself good luck on my potty training adventure. I'll keep a log of how it goes. I'm hoping he's going potty by the end of July. Big boy under pants or BUST!


We 2 B's said...

I'm so jealous. I want to go to Disney World! I love Disney World! I hope you have a wonderful summer it sounds like you have LOTS planned.

Tiffany said...

I wish you could go to Disney World too! I was thinking of you last night while I was checking out the Magic Kingdom website. It's been many, many years since I have been there. I never saw the "magic" in Disney but now as I prepare to take my little ones to Mickey Mouse's house I can really see why it's an awesome place. You will be in my heart when I go. love you.