Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gotta find the brighter side

As I try to be a better person and Christian I know that I should always find the good in things. It's so much easier to think negatively and want to attack back.
I'm thinking how would Jesus handle my current situation. I don't think that there is scripture in the Bible that describes a moment where Jesus had to deal with friends. If some one knows of one, please tell me. I have not read the entire Bible yet. I'm not well versed on these things.

A friend of mine unintentionally hurt my feelings today. It didn't help that I was already having a bad morning. Maybe that is why it seemed worse or maybe that's why God made it happen today. Who knows? I'm sure this is another one of his tests. I tried to handle it without losing my temper. I would have normally gotten so upset that I would ignore that person or blow up. I learned my lesson with another friend that blowing up doesn't work. I also found out that ignoring the problem, the other person doesn't learn anything and the problem doesn't go away. So I told her that she hurt me. Exactly like that. She responded with excuses and apologized. I still didn't feel better about and responded back with questions. She then turned the blame on me. Now, I ignored her. Why is it when people know they were wrong, they want to turn it back on some one else? Why can't people own up to their mistakes and accept them?

I think that is one thing I have learned. I grow everyday as a better person and I make mistakes. I own up to them and try not to make the same ones again. I'm not trying to toot my own horn here but where do I go from here? I will continue to add to this post... but for now this is where I'll leave it.