Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Coping with the kids-Part 2

I thought that Little Miss was going to pull it off. The first two days of school last week she came home with green behavior reports. By Wednesday I had gotten a few rewards purchased for good behavior and she came home again with green. She liked the idea of getting a reward but didn't seem too thrilled with the Halloween tatoos I gave her. Thursday she was picked up by Grandma and told her that she had gotten a green. My mom had asked me in advance if Little Miss was good was she allowed to have some candy corn. By Friday morning I was excited because I had purchased her a new purse as a large reward for a week of "greens". When I picked her up on Friday I looked at the weekly report and felt sad. Little Miss had not gotten a green on Thursday when in fact it was a yellow. I explained to her that she would not receive the large reward but only a small one and why. She broke down in tears. My heart hurt for her but I knew that if I gave in that she would learn nothing from this. I encouraged her to not give up and try harder the next week. I hope that she gets the lesson from this.