Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Saying Goodbye to a dependable friend

Yesterday I finally decided that it was time to say goodbye to our Graco highchair. We bought it in 2003 after Little Miss was born. We haven't been using it for awhile. Maybe since Little E was 18 months old and he turned 2 in July. At first I wanted to just pack it up and save it for another baby. ( Since I still would like to have at least one more child. But the economy doesn't agree with that and those ideas have been put on hold.) But as time wore on, the sentimental value of it was gone and the higchair had become a new catch all. For those papers that need to be signed for school and if they made it to the office, you'd never see them again, or a resting spot for toys that had not gotten put away-YET. She was only 4 months old when we started using it. Being first time parents, waiting to use new gadgets was pretty tough. But this highchair came with and 3 position recline, so it could be used with smaller babies if you wanted to lean them back.
I searched through my my archives last night and found this one of Little Miss. I would have to say she is between 6-8 months old in this photograph.

Here is one of my little guy sitting in it. I tried to find a photo with him in it at about the same age as Little Miss, but it was not happening. I'll have to keep looking.

So back to my story. I decided it was time for it to go. I am hosting a Candle Party in my home this coming Friday evening. I couldn't bear to have my friends come over and see the highchair still out. I don;t have to the room to store it and it's not in resale condition, so I took one last photo of it (yes, I know, I'm a NUT) and moved it out the front door. I moved a "new"( to us anyways) 2 shelf bookcase in it's spot last night. I found some knick knacks and books to make it look like it's been there. And VOILA!! Silly me, I forgot to take o pic of that.

Last note.. hubby made a joke of this last night. When I asked him if he took it out to the trash can he said he did. Then he asked me "if I wanted a photo of it out there too?" I said "really"?? He laughs at me and said "no way". I would've have kept it too. Like I said, I am a NUT.

So long Graco. The garbage men came today. I know he'll be gone when I get home.