Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rolling with the tide

For quite some time, Little E has needed a haircut. He had gorgeous light brown hair with natural blond highlights. It was long on top and bowl cut style, the only style a home haircut would allow. It was so long that it covered his eyebrows and skimmed the tops of his eyes. I only trimmed it when I could get him to sit still long enough for me to comb it and grab the scissors for a snip. This last weekend my sister in law took some Christmas photos of the kids for me. I had tried my best to keep his hair out of his face, but the hairspray wasn't holding in the wind.

Sunday evening I decided that I was going to cut his hair. I wanted to get a good trim on it and get it out of his eyes. So I got out the hair trimmer and using the #2 guard I cut the back and underneath of his hair. I changed guards and put on the #8 and holding the long parts of his hair I tried trimming the ends of it without laying the cutter against his head. My husband was watching me from the kitchen table while I was attempting this. He tells me "you're wasting your time trying it like that, just do it." I look over at him and ask him "how short do you think it would be?" He holds up his fingers about 2 1/2 inches apart and I should have questioned it further but I took his word for it. That was my BIG mistake. I started cutting and heard this mmmmmrrrddd noise as my son's hair was being forced into the cutter's blades. Now mind you, I was standing from behind him and cutting from the forehead back so I couldn't see what it looked like. The only thing I did see was a four inch lock of blond hair on the kitchen floor. I was speechless. Hubby says to me" you're going to have to finish it now. It's all chunked up in the front".
What?! What!!! What are you saying. The thoughts running in my mind. What was I thinking?? I looked down at his forehead and pulled his hair back and you could see the hair missing from different spots. There was no turning back now. I took the cutter and continued through his hair, watching it fall to the floor. I was near the end, when looked at my sweet boy's face and nearly lost it. I was in complete shock as to how much this "new" haircut changed his appearance. I gasped and welled up with tears. My husband knew I was in shock and he reassured me, telling me it was ok.
I finished trimming the sides and put the cutter down and brushed the hair from Little E's face. He was beaming with delight and could not wait to see his hair. It was a bit reassuring. I'm still very sad about his hair. It's only hair, right? It'll grow back. Right?

Here's the after picture taken on Thanksgiving Day at my brother's house.


We 2 B's said...

Ok. I'm dying to see a picture of his hair. I remember the first time I cut my little boy's hair with the buzzer. I cried too, and so did he (he didn't like the sound). But yes it's just hair and it will grow back. But soon it will start changing from baby fine hair to big boy hair and it won't be quiet the same. It's so hard. I've been trimming the his hair now for awhile and we go pretty short so that it doesn't stick up and it's easier for school. But it makes them look like a big boy instead of our little baby!
Hang in there! And post a picture soon - I'm dying here!

The Blue Sparrow said...

Lol, this post made me smile! Cant wait to see an updated picture! They always look so grown up with short hair! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tiffany said...

I haven't forgotten the picture, I promise.