Friday, November 6, 2009

Under the Microscope-Using Parables Today

A few months ago I subscribed to a couple of different Christian websites that send daily or weekly faith updates. You could choose articles on family, love, marriage or just the daily which has many different items in it. At first I wasn't getting any emails from them and thought that I messed up and typed it wrong. To my surprise, I was getting them but they were going into my spam mail. I usually just glance in that folder and don't pay much attention past the first page since there are usually 3-4 pages of spam. But for some reason on Tuesday I went through all of them looking for something and now I couldn't tell you what email it was, but I found my daily updates from Crosswalk. I was so excited and immediately moved them to my inbox and added them to my address book. I skimmed through them but none of the articles interested me.

The title for yesterday's email caught my eye, "Is Truth Really Plural? Postmodernism in Full Flower". I didn't and still don't know what postmodernism is but I was curious. The article was pretty deep for me and I scrolled through the page and stopped at "Why We Need Parables". The article goes on to explain why parables are important in sermons and how they help get across a message and why Jesus used them. Halfway through it, the author suggests taking one of Jesus' parables and reading it and rereading, then praying about it and then go about your day. Then he gives you 5 key points/questions about the parable. At the end of the article he suggests a few parables to start with. I focused on Matthew 18:21-35 The Unmerciful Servant. I did as the author suggested and read the scripture a couple of times. I read in a couple of different Bible versions so I could get every detail of it. This morning, I checked my email and from my weekly Crosswalk women email, the title was "The Power of Forgiveness".

WHOA. God is definitely trying to get a point across to me. This article talks about how it's usually easy to say I'm sorry and the wronged person accepts it. But it's challenging when deep wounds cause that person to no accept or harbor ill feelings and lash out in malice. That is truly me. I was recently wronged and was able to accept the words of apology but am still wounded.
I quote" It's pretty ridiculous when you stop and think about it-to let some mean or thoughtless person who has hurt you continue to rob you of your joy. When we live in resentment and anger we miss the beauty and opportunity of today."

I am so thankful that our Lord God led me to his Word. I'm trying everyday to be a better person, wife, parent, friend and Christian. Not in any particular order. I will not let wrong doings rob me of my joy! Keep the faith.


We 2 B's said...

I love when God leads us to the perfect place in his word! It's wonderful that God loves so much to meet us in every little thing.