Thursday, December 9, 2010

Writer's Workshop-12/9

This week I am joining again with Mama Kat with her weekly blog carnival Writer's Workshop. This week seems pretty easy considering that the five prompts are one word. Easy? Maybe. The word that jumped out at me was bold. BOLD. Here goes nothing.
If only I could simply say what is on my mind without repercussion. I don't enjoy biting my tongue about things that should be said. Aren't we all friends here? If we are friends than you won't mind me telling you the truth about what I really think. I don't mind if you tell me what you think because it's your opinion and if I agree then fine. If I don't agree then maybe I can use some constructive criticism. It's healthy.
But I am not bold enough to really state the facts and my opinion is just not that, it's the truth. The truth hurts. So I can't go there and poison what I have. Although do I really have anything if I feel the way that I do? If something bothers me that much then I should go there. I should say something and let the chips fall where they will. It could end up like Humpty Dumpty and never get put back together again or maybe it would? Maybe the glue that sticks us together is strong enough for me to go there.
Honestly I may never know. I'm not ready to go there just yet. I like to just sit back and watch. Waiting like a crouching tiger for the right moment. And when that moment strikes, watch out! Because I will BOLDLY go where no one has gone before.

Mama's Losin' It


Shell said...

Let it go! :) Be bold!

Adrienne said...

I agree with Shell! I can understand wanting to be wise about the timing, but sometimes it's good to speak to your mind! I'm learning how to do it too, so I can understand your reservations, though. There are times I speak too quickly, and wish I had waited. Not that I wouldn't have said anything, but perhaps it would have been delivered better(or more effectively had I waited).
BTW, if you have time, I posted part 2. :)

One with many names said...

I agree that it's good to speak your mind :)

GlowinGirl said...

I'm not a bold person, but there are times to be so. . . and there are times to keep silent. There's wisdom in distinguishing the two.

Good luck in that endeavor! :)

Mama Hen said...

I hope you had a great Christmas my friend! I think that writing should come from the heart. I want to wish you a very happy New Year filled with great health, happiness and plenty of laughter! I hope all is well my friend!

Mama Hen