Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Somethings brewing

Oh how I LOVE the smell of fresh coffee beans.
It's like a small piece of heaven when you
walk into a Barnie's Coffee and smell the aroma
of the dark roasted, the peppermint, the kona and
breakfast blends arousing your senses.


I was not always a coffee drinker. I used to find the
black cup o joe revolting actually.
My morning drink of choice then was Mountain Dew.
Long gone are those days.
Now I look forward to turning on my
Keurig coffeemaker and making my single
cup of Black Magic or Kona coffee.
It sets the mood and tone for the day.
In the summer I will hit the local Dunkin Donuts
and buy an iced coffee light and sweet.
Spolied by my high end coffeemaker it's hard to enjoy a cup
from anywhere else unless there is a Starbuck's nearby.
Traveling out of town is pretty hard and I almost want to
pack my coffeepot to go with me.
Have you ever tried to Google local DD's or Starbuck's?
Recently I was needing a fix as I was heading down the interstate
and the GPS instructed me to get off the next exit and turn
around and go back 5 miles.
As depserate as I was I didn't follow the reroute and kept
on until I found an exit that blazened the red bullseye.
Ah how I LOVE that you have Starbuck's.
I'm not too picky but have you ever realized
that some cities don't have a Dunkin Donuts?
Pensacola doesn't.
When visiting my brother I forget and I've tried to
Google it and the nearest one it tells me is Miami!??
Odd, since I think driving home is a shorter distance
even if it is 7.5 hours.
What is your morning fix?
Your drink of choice?


JoJo said...

I don't drink coffee YET, but I've been warned its going to happen any day now haha.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

I drink coffee only sometimes, and it has to be sweet, flavored, and not taste much like coffee.
I love hot cocoa, but my obsession is Diet Dr Pepper. I drink an obscene amount of DDP.
By the way, there are definitely Dunkin Donuts closer to Pensacola then Miami...I live about halfway between those two cities and we have a DD!

We 2 Bees said...

I have to have my Starbucks half caf home brew in the morning! I love it! My Cuisinart does a great job! I don't have a DD - so no good donuts or good coffee in my neighborhood from them, BUT I have Starbucks, which I do LOVE!

TV's Take said...

Coffee one of the world's greatest wonders. At home I drink 2 cups with a little vanilla creamer. At Starbucks I'm a chai tea latte kind of a girl - yum. It's nice to wake up and look forward to that first cup.