Thursday, November 4, 2010


This is going to be one busy month for us. Busy weekends make the year go by fast, I'm not sure if anyone else feels that way. After breathing a sigh of relief that we survived Halloween and all the festivities that it holds, we're off and running again.

This weekend we are taking the kids to a corn maze with our friends, something I've been looking forward to for five weeks now. Our county fair starts this Thursday Nov 4th and goes through to Sunday Nov 14th. We were planning on going the first night because it's free admission but I'm not sure now. They changed the calendar and the cheapest night to ride the rides is next Monday. So we'll see. We missed the fair last year and I am looking forward to some greasy corn dogs, powdered elephant ears and sweet homemade kettle corn.

Of course I'm looking forward to riding the rides, playing the games, checking out the crafts and art work displays and petting the farm animals. The kids love walking through the poultry holding area and looking at all the ducks, chickens, guinea hens and peacocks. I wish that the school Miss K attended had a 4H club. She would really enjoy raising a chicken for show.

Nov 11th-14th we're going on a camping trip into Ocala. I'm excited and nervous about camping with the kids, since this will be the first time and it's primitive camping. The only luxury we have is bathrooms. We invited my friend Erin and her family to go and they'll be joining us on Thursday and Friday. Hubby's stepsister and her family and his mother and her husband are going. It's also the first weekend of general gun season for hunting.

I'll be packing lots of games, outdoor activities and books to keep everyone occupied during hunting time. At least it doesn't start until Saturday morning. I'm hoping to walk around the camp and check out the nature, maybe see some animals.

Before you know it Thanksgiving will be here on the 25th. I haven't even begun to think about my shopping list for Black Friday. I'm hoping to tag along with Erin and her sister Sarah so I don't have to go alone. Hubby will be staying home with the kids so I won't have my sidekick with me.

Going into December we're leaving to go to Colorado. So I have to start thinking about what I'm going to be packing and make sure I'm not missing anything. This will be our first family vacation since before I had Little E. My husband will get to see snow for the first time and get to play in it! So somewhere in this month I hope I find the time for me.

What are your plans for this month? Anything exciting?


Evonne said...

November is a crazy month here, too. We have a friend's daughter's birthday and my own daughter's birthday. We also planned a night out with friends. Add Thanksgiving and Black Friday onto that and it's just crazy!

Kimberly said...

It seems like after October things go all to crap. All the holidays and such...Ahhhh...stress! LOL