Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friday Fragments #119

I really like Friday Fragments
they remind of how my mind is always thinking.
I might start on one thought which leads to another
then another and another and before I know it
I forgot what thought I started with.

Mommy's Idea

* This week has flown by already and tomorrow is my baby brother's birthday. I was going to buy him a card and a gift card and mail it. He always gets me a gift card. But since Wal mart didn't have a great selection of Brother cards I went to Target. Browsing the isles I found the perfect gift, a set of four Simpson's drinking glasses. He LOVES the Simpson's and I couldn't resist. Now I have to carefully wrap each glass in paper and pack them in a box with shipping popcorn to ship to Pensacola. I wonder how much the shipping will cost me. I should have stuck to the gift card, but I like more personal gifts. They get remembered.

* I got the call yesterday that the puppy we had a 2nd hold on at the Humane Society went home with the family who had a 1st hold. I got the butterflies in my stomach when I saw who was calling, hoping that they were saying we could come get her. Sadness hit me instead.

* I wasn't going to go look at any more dogs at the shelter. Who was I fooling? I drove there again this afternoon with the kids. They had a few puppies and we took out a female Catahoula Leopard Hound Mix puppy to play with. I guess the first puppy was not meant to be because this dog is far better! We are 1st hold and we are taking Bella and Ryelee ( my other dogs) to be introduced to her tomorrow. I took a few pictures of her on my cell phone but I'm having problems getting the phone to email them to the computer.

* I can't believe how cold the weather is already getting. A cold front is moving through and has been all day with rain and wind most of the afternoon. I stepped outside a few minutes ago and the temperature has dropped several degrees. I have been waiting for cold weather since it turned October and it never happened. Time to pullout the sweatshirts!

* Shoe shopping is no fun! I used to like to shop for shoes but I have to take a 3yr old and find him more shoes. Little E has wide feet and I've been lucky to find Skecher's skateboard style shoes that fit. But he has outgrown them and now we're down to 2 shoes besides flip flops that he can wear.

*I'm going to the doctor tomorrow for a regular checkup on how I'm doing on my medication. I have to tell the doctor that we need to change one of my prescriptions. One of the side effects is excessive sweating and I've got it. I take this pill in the am and within an hour of taking it I am sweating like a pig. It's horrible. Hopefully he can recommend another pill and it works just as well.

*I'm on the lookout for a sewing machine. I borrowed a Sewing Genie from my mother in law and what a joke that was! I tried to replace the bottom bobbin and trying to do that create havoc. The machine would not sew. I tried multiple times, my husband tried multiple times and then he broke the needle and then it jammed. And the directions were very vague. No help from google either.

* 30 days until we leave for Colorado!! The count down begins.

* I'm meeting with a pet sitter tomorrow to take care of the animals while we go camping. This will be the first time I have left the dogs at home while I go away. I usually kennel them but with the cats, the bird and the fish this is the best route. She charges per trip, not per pets so it's very reasonable.


Kirby3131 said...

Sounds like you have a a good plan for your pet care while vacationing - that'll be nice to have that all figured out.

Congrats on finding the perfect pet at the shelter :)

Excessive sweating, now that's not a side effect that's easy to handle. I hope there's relief for you.

Kristin - The Goat

The Crazy Coxes said...

Don't you hate when all the good drugs have side effects???? And sometimes the side effects are almost worst than what is being treated...sometimes.

Congrats on finding the perfect puppy! I hope the introductions go well.

I don't like shoe shopping because shoes are sooo expensive!
Have a great weekend!

Unknown Mami said...

I think the gift you got for your brother is great. Sometimes things just remind you of someone and that's what you should get them.

Impulsive Addict said...

If I were to go to a dog shelter, my husband would divorce me and I can't afford that since I stay at home. I would come home with a car full of puppies and doggies and of course since it's getting colder outside, they would all have to stay inside so they don't freeze. Yep, he'd divorce me fo sho.

Mrs4444 said...

Ho nice is that? A homeless dog is in demand by TWO families! You have a big heart. I hope the other pup works out for you.

That is a bummer of a side effect!

Glad you found a pet sitter :) That will make your vacation all the nicer.

Shoe shopping for kids with odd feet is a bummer. Grandma 4444 has AAAA (yes, QUAD-A) width feet, and my husband and daughter inherited them. Such a drag! Thankfully, Kendall's seem to have widened a little over the years, so they're not nearly as narrow as her grandma's, but shoe selection is pretty narrow for her.