Thursday, November 18, 2010

Camping Trip November 2010

I have finally found a moment to sit down and
blog about our four day camping trip on Veteran's Memorial Weekend.
I never realized how exhausting camping can be.
The actual sleeping in a tent on an air mattress
wasn't too bad, but I think my back and neck
might disagree. The worst part of camping is
the mountain of laundry that multiplies when you get back.
I washed laundry from Monday to Thursday.
How is that possible?
I can't believe that on day 2 of camping I said
"I could do this ALL the time. I love the simple life.
I think I could live in the woods forever."
Yeah, really.

The sign to our camp site

Our home away from home

Little E and our friend N watching the hubs make a fire

Miss K and our friend Miss N sitting by the fire
in the dark with their shades on.
They were too cool for this.
Mr Cool

The hubs popping Jiffy Pop popcorn

This was how we heated water for our outdoor shower

It was chilly so to prevent any one getting sick we bundled

Little E was having a moment
and wasn't much for posing

My friend Erin and I discovered bear scat
when we walked to the bathroom
so we took the kids on a nature walk to show them

Th girls were more interested than the boys

My pretty girl even in the dirt, woods and poo

Baby A and her daddy, she had the best seat this weekend

Even behind the dirt she has a pretty face

Chilling out a camp after the days hunt
unfortunately the guys got nada
The kids enjpoying roasted marshmallows
I treated Miss K to ice cream
and told her she needed to eat it then since
I couldn't keep it frozen

The last night at camp
The last morning at camp and
Miss K wasn't ready to go just yet....

Even though it was exhausting to come home
and try to clean house, wash 12 loads of laundry, potty train
our new puppy and get back in the groove of the weekly routine
The kids had a blast and I hope they don't forget it.