Thursday, November 18, 2010

Friday Fragments #121

Mommy's Idea

It's so good to have something to write about
something to say. I have missed my time to sit
and blog and let it all go.

My husband must have gotten sick from our camping trip because he has been ill since Monday and it seems flu like. I'm not a fan of him getting sick because men are downright big babies when they get sick. BUT I have actually been very gracious and tending to his needs in hopes that he'll feel better for the weekend.

Tonight my little guy was asking about daddy being sick and why was he sick. I tried to explain that daddy had a germ inside of him that was making him feel bad. Little E says " is it in his mouth mommy? You know mommy, daddy's cold is dangerous." Dangerous? That was just too funny!

I let the kids stay up a half hour longer tonight to watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special and I said to Miss K, "oh yeah, you're watching Peanuts." She looks at me and says "no, it's not". My bad! I know them as the Peanuts gang! Kids these days.

I am so proud of our new puppy. It took me one day to teach her to sit, one day to teach her to lay down and she has learned her name in three days. So far so good. We have had about four potty accidents and I forgot how much poop a big dogs does. It's been awhile since I've had a large breed dog.

I've been so busy with the camping trip and our upcoming trip to Colorado in 16 days that I haven't been thinking much about Christmas itself. I have so many things to plan out. Christmas cards? Christmas photos, which I will need before the cards. Shopping.....putting up the tree. I am not looking forward to the tree,a new cat and a puppy should put a few more gray hairs on my head.

I was sad to discover that my local Polish delicatessen closed it's doors due to the downturn in the economy. And the local Hallmark card and gift store is closing two days after Thanksgiving. The small businesses are having a hard time hanging on, when will this end?

Hope y'all have a great Friday!!
Great weekend!


Doreen McGettigan said...

It is so sad about the smaller stores. Our Hallmark is closing too. On Black Friday we are having a support a small business day and they are having really good sales..I am going to try to visit a few.
Men are the biggest babies I just have to laugh. I went back to work 6 days after having my gall bladder out..sutures and husband would have died!

Dawn said...

We haven't taken Christmas pictures yet either. I'm trying to decide if we are even going to do Christmas cards this year. It would sure save a LOT of money if we didn't.

You must be a puppy whisperer. Ha! I never have good luck with the puppy stage. It's almost worst than a baby.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kirby3131 said...

I've only raised kitties and they have always been litter trained by the time I get them. I can't even begin to imagine large breed dog poop! Good luck with that!

Have a great time in Colorado. A friend of mine is a ski instructor in CO and is loving the snowfall they have already received.

Kristin _ The Goat

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I don't remember seeing the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving one, just the Halloween and Christmas ones. Rats! I missed it again.

Great job on your dog training!

Stopping by from Friday Fragments.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I too feel so bad for small business owners. We live in a very small town and have seen so many of them shut their doors as well. Just heartbreaking to know someone's dreams have died with it.

We need to start thinking about our Christmas cards and pictures and trips as much to do at this time of year and not nearly enough time!

Martha in PA said...

I hope your husband feels better!

I missed "Peanuts" last night, but it's on Hulu... even included it in my FF post!

So many small businesses are struggling, I kind of touched on that subject too. Great minds think alike!

I am going to work on my Christmas cards today I think - I don't think my 13 yo will cooperate for a holiday picture, so regular cards will have to do. Haven't sent them out in TWO years!

Happy FF!

The Crazy Coxes said...

It makes me sad when small local businesses close down.
I've been "thinking" about Christmas but haven't done a lot.
Have a great camping trip!

Unknown Mami said...

It always breaks heart when a local business shuts down. Here it happens a lot when their leases are up and they get asked to pay so much more.

Anonymous said...

Allof my favorite places to eat and shop are small time businesses... I love them, but you are right, They seem to be disappearing. So very sad indeed! I share your concerns :)

Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

We've had several old stores close around us, as well. Very sad.

Hope hubby feels better ASAP. I know what you mean about men being big babies. Ack!

Have a good weekend.

P.S. Thanks for the reminder for Christmas pics. Need to get on that!

Carolee Sperry said...

OMG, you are not kidding about sick men :-(

What a bummer!

I went to a strip mall not far from here recently...I knew the grocery store had closed, but now the hair salon and Radio Shack were gone as well as a Chinese Restaurant!

Rachael said...

In the last two years a few of my favorite local stores in or downtown area have closed. It's made me really sad!

I agree with Doreen. I was sick recently, and got no sympathy. Then my husband got it and you'd have thought he was dying!