Friday, November 5, 2010

5QF: November

Wow! I'm on a roll, two blog hops in one day! I love it when I remember to look at the 5QF questions on Thursday night because I always forget by Friday morning and I'm so busy on Fridays. Tomorrow will be no exception. I hope I haven't over scheduled myself.

Wow. I am not tired tonight. I am guessing it's the coffee. I had half a cup of Kona coffee from my Keurig machine. Bad idea. It's very strong coffee and now I'm not tired. Got up late this morning but was lucky enough to still get Miss K to school on time. I might not get as lucky tomorrow. Wish me luck!

1. If you could have any talent and turn it into an occupation, what would it be? To be able to read minds like that guy on the show Heroes. It would be very practical in the investigative field that I really wanted to pursue before children. I love to figure things out. I never take anything for face value and always analyze what is said to me. I do over analyze and it gets me in trouble sometimes.

2. Would you rather have a house at the beach or a cabin in the woods? Cabin in the woods! I love the mountains so this cabin would be in the woods on a mountain. I would have a hammock on a surrounding porch with lots of room to roam in the nature. I would have plenty of space to have all my dogs and horses. What a dream!

3. Is there any meaning or reasoning for the names you chose for your child/children? yes. I wanted an Irish name for my first born even though we had no idea what the gender was. And we paired the names we picked with middle names from our families. I picked my son's name the same way but we knew what he was. If I have another, it will have a name from Irish descent as well. I'm part Irish and proud of it.

4. What is your guilty pleasure? (I know we've done this one before, but I'm guessing people's "guilty pleasures" change frequently. At least, mine do!) brownies! Lately I have been craving chocolate, gooey brownies! the gooey the better!

5. Do you live in a house that is deep cleaned or straightened? uhhh, both. Actually I have been really bad about my deep cleaning but anyone else would never notice because all my friends say my house is SO clean. I know where the dust bunnies are though. I just haven't had the time to vacuum them up. But overall the house is pretty spotless and always, always straightened.


Casey said...

Happy Friday!

purseblogger said...

I LOOOOVE brownies girl and can you come clean my house? I wish people could say that about me. :)

Abramyan Avenue said...

LOVE your answers. I never thought about reading minds...but handy would that be?!?! I am in love with my Keurig. My husband likes super strong coffee and I bought the Folgers Black Silk K-pods and he said it was like water!! So maybe I will try the Kona for him. I too choose a cabin in the woods. I think it would be heaven! I try to keep my house pretty clean...but what I think is funny is when I take some pictures for my posts and then see dust bunnies pop up in them! I guess blogging at least keeps me dusting!! Haha! Love your blog! Have a wonderful weekend!

WhisperingWriter said...

Mm, chocolate is my guilty pleasure too. I am a big fan of brownies.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I'm with you on #5- I really needs a cleaning lady now that I'm back to work... I just can't keep up!

I'm a beach girl... I miss living near the beach, but I'd need to arrange a swap with you a few times a year so I could ski!