Monday, April 11, 2011

What I've been doing

I can't seem to remember the last time I posted something. I have been so busy keeping my mind busy these past few days amongst all the hell I feel like I've been through. It's completely exhausting. It started last Friday, 11 days ago when I found fleas...yes fleas on my dog Bella. Completely grossed out I immediately bathed her and applied Frontline on her. I checked the cat ( my indoor cat) and yes he had them too. I quarantined him in the garage and headed for Petco.

I was in such a rush because this was going on 4:45 and Miss K had a Science Night at her school that evening starting at 5:50pm and Little E was taking a nap. I spent $100 in Advantage for cats, flea spray for the house and powder for rugs. A small fortune. This was only the beginning.

I called my pest control guy and left him a message asking him to come out ASAP that we were having a flea issue.

He came out Monday morning and had I known that he was going to require the house be vacated for 2 hours I would have taken a shower that morning. So I had to pack up Little E and I in 15 minutes and leave. I was amidst laundry piles, house cleaning and entertaining my son.
The plug got pulled on that.
That afternoon I did body checks on the cat and dog and lo and behold, Bella still had fleas! I couldn't retreat her with Frontline so I called the vet. They recommended a pill she could take by mouth and it would start working within an hour. Well, after running 2 kids to the vets office and forcing the dog to eat this pill, 30 minutes later it reappeared. Certainly not the way it went in. Fifteen dollars down the toilet. I called the vet and they said I would need to try again.

Tuesday we tried again with a new pill and I tricked Bella and fed it to her into pieces of expensive roast beef. She has been flea free since then.

So all this last week I played catch up on getting my chores done in between working, cooking, chauffeuring Miss K to school and dance classes and everything else in between. Then I got a brainiac idea and carpet cleaned my living room rug on Wednesday afternoon.
Halfway through it I realized how STUPID I was. Now the bug killer on my carpets was gone!!! I called my pest guy and he confirmed the bad news. So he was supposed to call me today to reschedule a retreatment this week but he never called. I told him I would pay again.

So to add fuel to my fires. I got another dog. Yep, I need my head examined. Seriously. If you're counting we still only have two dogs even with the newest addition. We realized we were NOT big dog people and my brother in law gave our hound dog a permanent home. So before welcoming this new pup into the house I bathed her and flea powdered her. But today I discovered she has fleas. Here we go again!

I cannot get her the fancy little pill from the vet because she has not been there for her shots yet. So off to Walmart to get flea dip. I have not dipped a dog in years!! That stuff burns like hell! I got some on my arm and oh my goodness! IS that was it does to the fleas??! Yikes!

I've been paranoid about the bugs. I feel like they're crawling on me. Seriously they have only been on the animals and I would say we've had 20-25 on each dog. My pest control guy has reassured me that it's not a serious case and the growth regulator he has applied on the carpets will kill the cycle, in conjunction with the stuff we used on the animals we should be good now. He along with the lady at Petco both told me that this is the worst year for fleas. I have NEVER had them on my animals. One here or there, but not like this.

So you can see what I've been dealing with. Yuck.


Shell said...

oh, yuck, girl! Hope that the fleas are all gone!

We 2 Bees said...

I 100% agree - UCK! What a crazy nightmare, I hope you are over the worse of it and that you can finally get back to normal.

Yolanda said...

Oh my goodness, just reading this makes me itchy! What a pain! Hope things are getting under control quickly for you. I know things like this really just add unnecessary stress to the week.
Thanks for swinging by my site the other day!