Thursday, September 22, 2011

WW: Where I'm From

I am from hand sewn school dresses from two generations of grand mothers. From Koolaid stained upper lips and Saturday morning cartoons with the Gummi Bears.

I am from the "house on the hill", where every kid wanted to ride their bicycle down and the only house on the block with a swimming pool to cool off in.

I am from the azalea garden that was so overgrown that you could hide in it for hours chasing bugs or picking weeds as punishment on a weekend. And the sand spurs or stickers as some people call them, that hurt like hell when you get them stuck in bare feet.

I am from strolling through the Livestock and County Fair every year in the fall, while indulging on fried elephant ears and cotton candy: and hot tempers that flare. I am from Marie and Estus Sr.and Bastian and Bailey.

I am from playing games of Uno late on Saturday nights and birthdays celebrated with home made cakes from a box. From having relatives close enough by to be there to celebrate birthdays that weren't even milestones.
From "Two shakes of a lamb's tail" and ghosts really did visit us that night in your grandma and grandpa's house.

I am from Protestant and attempts at finding the right church, to succumbing to the demands of owning a business and letting religion go.
I’m from Florida, lineage leading to Germany, Poland, Ireland and Scotland, mom's homemade meatloaf with the sauce topping, pumpkin pie and the never ending supply of home made jarred pickles.

 From the time that when the guys(my brother, husband, father and grandfather) came home from a fishing trip early, grandpa stripped down to his t-shirt and walked through the house with no underpants like there wasn't a care in the world and pretending with my brother that we would shrink to the size of his GI Joes and wake up that way the net morning.

I am from mass amounts of containers and rubbermaid bins with old family photos, toothless school pictures and sleeves of negatives. Baby photos beautifully framed and line the bookshelves in hallways, the family Bible encased in a protective fiberglass case and a oil painting of the grandparents flank two walls in the living room.

I am from the brown haired, green eyed girl who loved on all the wayward animals that my daddy brought home, unconditionally loved the companionship of my siblings even when they found being with a girl annoying. Raised to stand up for herself and taught to fight with her fists and deal with the consequences later.

I am from good southern roots who met a boy who was born to Yankees.

This was written in response to the prompt: Where I’m From. Copy this template and fill in the blanks. Inspired by our Bloggy Boot Camp Writer’s Workshop.


Queen Bee said...

You did an incredible job writing this! I love it and love you! You are 100% all those things and I love where you came from.

Tatter Scoops said...

Beautifully written. Thank you for letting me know where you're from :)

Kristen M said...

I'm in the middle of writing my "where I'm from" post now. And I'm too afraid to read anyone's because I don't want to tarnish my own thoughts!!!! DRAT! So - I'm coming back as soon as I finish - so I can read yous. :) Kristen @

Kristen said...

I love reading all of the Where I'm From poems. Everyone had such a different take on it and I found so many interesting things about the bloggers that I follow and led me to blogs that I will now follow. Your take on it was wonderful and so is the rest of your blog. I look forward to reading it regularly now.