Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Content Brew-Coffee is Brewing

Content Brew CourseDay One of Content Brew was a success for me. Our first assignment was to work on our spreadsheets, virtual of course, tentatively where we want our blog posts to be. Being able to visually see where certain topics are each day; even every week, it makes it easy to see where you might want to adjust patterns of subjects you write about. With the awesome spreadsheet that Melissa designed it was almost a breeze to copy, click and paste each color coordinated tab into place.

The spreadsheet is set up for the entire year, but for now I've filled mine up for just a month. Melissa set us up with a suggested minimum amount of topic colors to use but I added a few more for myself without going overboard. It was suggested that less is more and if you have more than one blog that you're writing content for, it might be easier to use two sheets.

I'm using my spreadsheet in Google Docs after reading that my sheet can be accessed anywhere, from any computer, since it's online. So there is no reason for me to forget what posts should be written and posted. I'm loving this! Having lists online, instead of in my head or on a random post it note lost in the shuffle placed safely on my desk is a dream for me. It's a dream come true!

I'm waiting impatiently  with anticipation to get home this evening to start on Day Two! Today we're working on generating content for our Topics. We're even having another Twitter class to discuss what has been covered these first two days.  If you haven't looked into getting a spot in the class, I suggest you head over to momcomm to see if you can get a seat.