Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Gift from the Heart

Yesterday I decided that I was going to make a new bow for Miss K. I haven't made my own in quite some time because I just couldn't get them the way I wanted. I'm such a perfectionist so if it wasn't "perfect" I wasn't satisfied. I had retired my box of bow making equipment and have been buying bows from the store, my friend and most recently from a vendor at a community business event. I got this wild idea that I would google how to make bows and then follow along.

I will siggest that you watch the video in it's entirety before starting your bow. I followed along while the video was going and did not like bow #1. I tried to use the same bow in the next video I watched, but her bow had a twist in the fabric. So I attempted to salvage the bow and hated it.

I found an awesome tutorial on bows and was more than satisfied with the finished project on the video. I was really excited that the lady suggested using "scraps" of ribbon in various colors. Was she reading my mind?!

I took the "quiet time" I had while the kids were playing down the road to start my bows. My "time" didn't last long enough to get it done uninterrupted. I'm surprised I got it finished with Little E sitting next to me munching on S'mores Goldfish and Miss K sitting behind me trying to work on her homework. With her occasionally stopping me to ask a question about her math. Then Little E starting digging through my scraps of ribbon and snooping through my container of new ribbon.

He decided he wanted to make a bow for his friend Sydney at preschool. She is all he talks about most days. She is the tiniest 4 year old in the preschool and she is so stinking cute. He said she likes bows and he wanted to make her one. So I had to make Miss K's bow and try to help him with his gift bow. And I was running out of time. By the time he decided to do his project, we had 15 minutes before departure for dance classes.

Talk about stress. But it was ALL WORTH IT.

We finished both bows except for a clip on Sydney's. Which I had to pull out my glue gun for this morning. He wanted her to be able to put it on after he gave it to her.

Little E packed her bow safely into his backpack and raced into class, not even stopping for my goodbye kiss. He was so proud. And the sweetest part, her boy cousin (that goes to preschool there too) put it in her hair. It was not the cutest bow, it was mismatched and had ribbon tied over a bow and was not perfection at all. But it was special.

It WAS ALL WORTH IT. He was so happy that she liked it. I was somewhat broken hearted, my little boy has some one else in his heart. Even if he is only four and half.


shellthings said...

That is so sweet! 

CrazyKindofMom said...

The sweetest part was when her mom brought in a thank you card today. The mom wrote exactly what her daughter said and then Sydney signed it. Little E wouldn't let me take the card, he is holding it with him. :)