Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Could be Twins?

People that know both Pixy Girl and Little Prince well enough say they look so alike they could be twins if they were the same age. I thought that only people who didn't know Pixy Girl as a baby would mess up and think some of her baby pictures were Little Prince, but this picture taken when Pixy Girl was 10 months old stumped my father in law once. It's the album cover picture on one of Pixy Girl's baby books and he asked when we took this picture of Little Prince . ?LOL!! Ok, did he not notice the pink bathing suit? But the picture with the white onesie. Do you know who it is?? YOU tell me.


Tina said...

OMG you're so right! they are look-a-likes! and i'll be honest, i really can't figure out which one is in the white onesee! crazy!

We2b's said...

They totally do look a lot alike. But I'm going to guess Kelly in the white onesie. Isn't it scary how much siblings look alike sometimes.