Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Taking the kids to school in the morning is always an adventure. Getting out of the house on time takes lots of skill. I've mastered getting 2 kids in the truck by 7:20am everyday without leaving anything behind. There have been a few times where we were running a few minutes behind and those few can put you wayyy behind in the traffic line at the elementary school. My regularly traveled route has been busier lately and I was running behind on Monday. Who can blame me when it is my day off. So a friend of mine suggested taking another road to school, part of which is dirt. So I tried the new way to school this morning. I started to turn on the "new road" and Kay asked me "where are we going?" I told her we were trying a new way to school. Which by the way, this road is covered by beautiful oak trees and there are some very gorgeous houses nestled back there. So anyways, we continue down the road and it turns into dirt. Well it was not mantained by any road crew and it was a bunch of whoops and holes and bumps. I look in my rearview mirror and I see Little E laughing and giggling so hard he's about to pop out his pacifier. Kay is laughing the whole time as well. We get to the end to make our turn and E asks me " can we take a new way again? PLEASE mom?" I told her tomorrow we will. I'm looking forward to our "new way", because when it's paved with laughter, that's all that matters. Even if we don't get to school on time.


We2b's said...

Yeah! Welcome to blog land! I'm so excited to have another way to connect with you. And see what is going on in your neck of the woods.

How exciting to have a "new" way to school filled with laughter! That is awesome! See you soon.