Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am sooo excited that Halloween is near. Everyday I pass several pumpkins "lots" , churches that are selling pumpkins. I can't call them pumpkin patches because to me a pumpkin patch is a big field where a farmer has grown the crops and you're picking them from there. Anyways, back to the point. So we haven't gotten our pumpkin yet and to satisfy Kay's urge for a pumpkin I bought 2 mini pumpkins from the grocery store last night. At 5, she still doesn't understand that if it's Wednesday and I tell her to wait until Saturday, how long that is. The next morning she will ask me, is it pumpkin day mommy? So I passed that pumpkin lot again this morning on my way to dropping Evan off at daycare and I really want to go to a "Pumpkin Patch". I am going to google it today and find one, hopefully not extremely far away. Does it really matter though? For me it does, but to the kids anywhere is just fine. Little E could care less really. At 15 months old, he won't even remember it. Wish me luck.


We2b's said...

Good Luck! I'm so picky about where to go, I check them out online for around a month, then I finally pick one and I'm still not completely happy. I have a favorite one, but I keep trying to find one that out does it! Have fun - pumpkin pickin is so much fun!