Saturday, January 24, 2009

7 Random Things About Me..Inspired by Laura

This is tough choosing only seven random things about me, but I'm enjoying the challenge. One of the blogs I follow by Laura, inspired me to do this.

1. I used to enjoy sleeping with the fan on and hating sleeping with socks on my feet. Now I find myself turning my fan on low, the heat up and wearing long lounge pants and socks to bed. Am I getting old?

2. I love peanut butter, banana and mayonaise sandwiches. The bread has to be toasted, the bananas sliced and the mayo is slathered on heavy. I love mayo! Me loving mayonaise is not random. LOL.

3. I am currently trying to read two books at one time. This is crazy because I have a hard enough time getting one book finished with my busy life, let alone two. I am reading Many Waters and Monster. ( Monster is a fiction book about Bigfoot-pretty interesting)

4. I love and hate my SUV. I always wanted a Ford Explorer and was very happy with it until a few months ago. So many things have started to go wrong and my warranty has ended.

5. I used to love the Fall Season, but I have changed my mind. I love Spring. I love when the grass in green and recently cut. The flowers are blooming and it's warm but not sticky hot yet. It stays dark until 8:30 and I can enjoy playing outside with the kids longer.

6. Six is the number that my daughter was born on. In so many ways that day has changed my life. I gained a new member to my family and what a blessing she has been. It opened up a new door in my life. I'm so thankful for everything that has happened since then. The people that have come into my life and I really can thank my little girl for that.

7. I love to cook. I enjoy making meals and getting creative with them.

That's a few randoms about me, some old and some new. Hope that you get inspired and write some of your own.


Jill said...

Ok.. the peanut butter with Mayo.. yuck..... I love peanut butter but with mayo on it..??? Are you sure your not prego??? LOL!

We 2 Bees said...

Where have you been?!
Time to get back in the swing.
I miss yoU!