Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy Summer

Wow. I thought the anticipation of going to visit my brother was bad. For the next two months I'm going to be very consumed with 4th of July celebrations, birthday parties, VBS, vacation and Disney World.
We've been invited to our friends Fourth of July party. To keep the kids cool, there will be kiddie pools, water slides, sprinklers and lots of juice and water to go around. For the parents, we're hoping to have an ADULT-sized water slide and we can't forget the BBQ!! I will be making my famous macaroni salad and I might surprise everyone with a yummy dessert. I'm leaning towards cool and refreshing on this one. Soo possibly a fruit salad or strawberry shortcake!! Yummy. I've heard they're having a real DJ this year, so it should be a BLAST. And we can't forget the fireworks! The kids are going to have alot of fun. I can't wait.
Evan celebrates his 2nd birthday next month. I decided that we would have a large friends and family celebration at our local State Park. I vowed I would never have a large birthday party at the house again. Or at least the current house we live in. Since the weather has been EXTREMELY, unseasonably HOT what better way to celebrate with cold water nearby to splash and swim in. It's a lot cheaper than renting a $200-300 water slide, not to mention the added expense of a security deposit.
Two weeks after we celebrate Evan's birthday, we're taking a "stay-vacation". We won't be traveling too far from home. We're planning a few beach outings, hoping to potty train Evan and we're taking Kelly and Evan to Disney World for her 6th birthday. We had originally planned to take her horse-back riding but for liability reasons they require a minimum age of 9 to ride the horses. So that idea got scratched and we had to come up with another idea for her celebration.
I can't believe we're actually doing it. DISNEY!!! Here were come Mickey Mouse! What a great way to spend the summer. We're so busy with weekly activities and the weekend's are full of fun stuff.
By the way, I'm wishing myself good luck on my potty training adventure. I'll keep a log of how it goes. I'm hoping he's going potty by the end of July. Big boy under pants or BUST!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Trying for Months

Ok, so this might be the easiest way to find some help. I am not program friendly and I have tried about a hundred times now. I want to change my blog to a 3 column. And I also want to change my blog background to a custom one. I located some elements that I want to use but once I get into the Paint.net program, well let's just say we dont' work well together. I will try one more time this weekend at home with hubby. He has Powerpoint on his computer so I'm hoping we figure it out on that one. But if not, HELP!!!!!!!!!!! The Free ones are nice but not my style. I really really would love to learn this but I'm frustrated. Thanks for reading. Pass along if you could.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Household Cleaners

Being a neat freak and obsessive cleaner, I don't mind giving and receiving tips on how it can be done better. Better with a more effective cleaner or more efficient and saving me time. Recently I switched toilet cleaner brands to be more "eco-friendly". I also tried using back to basics cleaners that include lemon juice, baking soda and ammonia. I'm not sure that using more "eco-friendly" products save money in your wallet.

I started with cleaning the bathroom sink and tub with baking soda. It scrubbed away the grime and soap scum without scratching the counter-top. It removed most of the iron in the bottom of the tub and the dirty tub ring was gone. I was pleasantly surprised. It was nice to use a cleaner and not smell the "bleachy" chemical smell associated with most household cleaners.
The downfall, just a few days later the tub was beginning to look grimy again and it took quite a bit of baking soda to clean the tub. It may only cost about 40 cents for a small box, but when you need to use more than half the box each time it adds up.

I moved onto the toilet with my new GreenWorks toilet bowl cleaner. I try to use thick gel-type toilet cleaners. I feel that if it starts under the rim and has time to sit on the "slimy toilet scum", it's going to be more effective. The Greenworks is thicker, has no chemical smell but doesn't hold up against my original brand. It does not remove the iron stain and the mildew that grows around the water line came back before the next cleaning. I clean the toilets every week and it was nasty before 7 days.

I cleaned the tub last night with my tried and true duo. My soft scrub and clorox cleanup. The clorox removes the grime and iron and the soft scrub finished it off. So until I can find an eco-friendly cleaner that keeps my bathrooms cleaner for at least a week, I'm going back to my bleach buddies. Oh, don't get in a hurry forget to use gloves. I did that last night too. My hands smelled of bleach for hours. Another reason to keep on my mission.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Feeling the Blessings

I have been so excited even through my days this week. I know the Lord is trying to shine through me even with heartache. This weekend is the first time I will be performing my duties as a Deacon at the church. I have been failing as a dedicated Christian the past few weeks and I am glad to be going to church and feeling the Holy Spirit within me. I know that I am walking in his footsteps.
I feel so good talking about going to church and feel like I shed a weight off my shoulders. It's amazing.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gotta find the brighter side

As I try to be a better person and Christian I know that I should always find the good in things. It's so much easier to think negatively and want to attack back.
I'm thinking how would Jesus handle my current situation. I don't think that there is scripture in the Bible that describes a moment where Jesus had to deal with friends. If some one knows of one, please tell me. I have not read the entire Bible yet. I'm not well versed on these things.

A friend of mine unintentionally hurt my feelings today. It didn't help that I was already having a bad morning. Maybe that is why it seemed worse or maybe that's why God made it happen today. Who knows? I'm sure this is another one of his tests. I tried to handle it without losing my temper. I would have normally gotten so upset that I would ignore that person or blow up. I learned my lesson with another friend that blowing up doesn't work. I also found out that ignoring the problem, the other person doesn't learn anything and the problem doesn't go away. So I told her that she hurt me. Exactly like that. She responded with excuses and apologized. I still didn't feel better about and responded back with questions. She then turned the blame on me. Now, I ignored her. Why is it when people know they were wrong, they want to turn it back on some one else? Why can't people own up to their mistakes and accept them?

I think that is one thing I have learned. I grow everyday as a better person and I make mistakes. I own up to them and try not to make the same ones again. I'm not trying to toot my own horn here but where do I go from here? I will continue to add to this post... but for now this is where I'll leave it.