Monday, September 12, 2011

Weight Watchers Fresh Meals Review

Not your everyday brown bag lunch. Grab a Weight Watchers Fresh Meal.
Leave the brown bag behind.

I like to watch what I eat for lunch. I take care to check the calories and fat intake. I usually purchase frozen meals that I can have on hand to quickly cook as a fast meal for a mom on the go. I was recently contacted about trying some Weight Watchers Fresh Meals. I was excited to try some new meals and thought they would be like the WW frozen meals that you usually see in the store.

I was surprised to come home and find a large cooler box with several different choices to try. The best part, that the meals were fresh an NOT frozen. I was given more meals than I would use in one week and they have an expiration date on them, so I went ahead and froze some of them. They actually turned out amazing even with being frozen for a week.

When choosing a meal to take with me to work, I would place the meal in the refrigerator and let it thaw for a few hours. Then following the cooking directions and not adding an extra time the meal came out perfect!

I will be honest, I was tentative to try the Turkey and Stuffing meal, because I have tried other prepackaged meals and was disappointed with their flavor. But I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of the turkey and gravy. My favorite dish was the Three Cheese Macaroni and it was the first I tried which I paired with some steamed broccoli.

Having pre-portioned meals with nutritional information and PointsPlus information right on the package is a perfect solution for someone who is constantly trying to watch what she eats.

You can find the WW Fresh Meals at your local grocer and if you can't, The Weight Watchers site gives you a link to print out a product request form that you can give to your grocery store of choice. Many grocery stores would be happy to special order items for you. I know if you live in the Southeast and have a Publix Supermarket, they will special order for you.

Disclosure: I was given the meals from Weight Watchers to try but was not compensated or required to review. All opinions are my own.