Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Fragments Episode #165

Here's to another wonderful week in the record books and successfully
making it through it.

Mommy's Idea 

PhotobucketI was so excited to finally witness an adult Monarch butterfly land on my milkweed plants and lay their eggs. My friend gave me a juvenile plant last year and we planted it and crossed our fingers that we would get butterflies. Our plant matured and released seeds and we grew more milkweed, but no butterflies came. Now multiple plants were blessed with eggs that have now hatched into teeny, tiny caterpillars.

Photobucket These last few weeks of preschool for Little E have really opened the flood gates on absorbing so much information. He tells me something new everyday. He told me that he wants to do everything in the world when he grows up. Starting with scuba diving, followed by riding a motorcycle and building something. I remember when Miss K was that age and she wanted to be a nurse. He has not narrowed anything as of yet.

Photobucket Miss K has been dancing again this year, the classes started a week before school started. She was asked to join the studio's competition group this year and she accepted the class that goes along with it. It's been tough for me with driving both kids to separate schools, work and dance classes 25 minutes from home. We were driving three times a week, and the dance instructor/owner finally agreed to let Miss K try a little more advanced tap class. This would put us to 2 days a week at the studio. Miss K nailed it! She did so beautifully, as if I had any doubt.


This weekend, the family an I are heading to the Ocala National Forest to browse and scope out our campsite for our annual family camping trip in November. We usually go camping with my husband's mother and stepdad during their annual hunt for deer, but they are not joining us this year. So we decided to pick a new site. Wish me luck!!


While trying to put Little E in some jeans this week to go to midweek church, I discovered he had outgrown ALL his pants. I figured that they were pretty long from last season and he grew some.... but none fit. You realize how much your child has grown when you buy school clothes or it's winter time.


I joined a n introduction class to Life Groups (small groups) at my church. This upcoming Wednesday class is the last one. After that they will figure out which group to have my family join, based on child ages, days we have during the week to attend and other factors. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. There are a few groups that are full that I really want to be a part of and I'm not sure how they figure it out, but praying to God that he puts us in the best place.


KristenPGIP said...

The first grade at my girls' school just released the monarch butterflies that they raised on Wednesday. It was beautiful weather for them to take off into! Such an amazing things for kids to learn at a young age. My now almost 10 year old still remembers every detail about it.
Good luck picking out your campsite! So much fun camping in the fall!

KristenPGIP said...

Where are you this week?! I keep stopping in. Hope everything is okay!

Sara said...

How was the national forest?