Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You want me to sleep where?!

This was my home for four days just two weeks ago. I used to like camping. Or maybe I thought I liked camping and this was the trip that finished it off for me.

There's not really one specific reason I have decided that I don't like camping anymore. Well, maybe there is ONE. It's TOO MUCH WORK! I have this huge sense of gratitude for the women and children who used to live like that. Camping in the woods without modern conveniences requires lots of manual labor...all day long.

And if I had to live like that day in and day out, I tell you, let the bears eat me. I was mentally and physically exhausted by the time we got home and that was only FOUR days.

At least the kids enjoyed every moment of it. From playing in the woods, to making pretend teepees and sitting by the campfire every chance they could, they loved it. Two other couples and their children joined us on our camping trip this year which made watching the kids a lot easier. It also caused some extra stress and annoyances too.

I kept saying next time we won't do this or we need to say that, or we need to bring this. But now if you ask me, there won't be a next time.

My husband is so upset about it, he has threatened to sell all our camping stuff. Which I know I wouldn't let him do because the kids would be crushed. But I don't think I'll join them. Unless we decided to go for 2 days and picked a different campground.

One with hot showers..and running water...and daily activities...you know...kinda like a vacation should have!


Two Bears Farm said...

Awww. Hopefully you'll forget about the bad stuff and give it another chance.  And that next time will be better!  ;-)

Queen Bee said...

You are back on your blog - so proud! Oh how I agree it's a lot of work to go camping! We have take about 3 years off of camping and I'm starting to miss it. The kids definitely miss it. Four days is a long time though, I like 2 nights/3 days personally but there is something nice about nature (in short spans). Take a little while before you decide anything.

Kristen said...

I seriously think we were separated at birth! This sounds exactly like me!! I am embarassed to say that I gave up camping with the girls about 3 years ago. Now my husband takes them w/o me. It is way more fun for everyone that way ;-)

So happy to see you back on your blog! You've been missed!!

crazykindofmom said...

Hahaha! And I thought I was the only one who thought of the idea of sending my husband with the kids alone to go camping. :)
Awww, thanks! I have missed blogging and my bloggy friends!!

crazykindofmom said...

Awww, I finally did it! It was like getting back on a horse again after falling off. I'm back and hanging on. :)
We did four days last year and I was like NO MORE. Then we did a shorter one and it was better. Somehow he convinced me to go for four days again, and now I think he regrets it.

crazykindofmom said...

Awww, thanks! My hubby sure hopes I change my mind. :) Only time will tell. ;)

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

You need to encourage him to go WITHOUT you. I grew up camping, but it's lost its luster for me in recent years as well. In fact, I have a pop-up in my side yard where it's been sitting, unused, for three years!  I think it's time to sell!