Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday Blues

I really hate it when my kids get sick. I feel so bad for them and wish that it would quickly run it's course. Not this time. Poor Evan has been dealing with the effects of his cold that started weeks ago. It started out with a runny nose then progressed into a cough with the snotty nose that doesn't stop running. I tried home remedies before finally taking him to the doctor. They diagnosed him with an ear infection in one, possible in the other and an Upper Respiratory infection in the chest. The doctor prescribed him Augmentin which he's taking 2 times a day. So last week I noticed that his lips had some white skin peeling on them. I wasn't too worried about it. Evan WAS still using a pacifier and I figured he'd been sucking it too much. But it all changed Sunday night. I got him out of the bath and noticed that his lips had these red bumps all over them and down inside the mouth. The white skin that I had seen earlier in the week was now inside the lips. I called the doctor's office that night and left a message for the on call doctor. In the meantime I checked the internet for possible causes. I found out that using the antibiotic Augmentin can cause Thrush. Once I talked to the doctor and decsribed what it looked like, he thought without seeing Evan, that it was possibly Thrush. He recommended that I bring him in the morning to the office to have him checked out. So Monday morning I was at the doctor's office where the bad news was confirmed. Evan has a case of Thrush. Possibly caused by the Augmentin he's taking for his ear infections. Unfortunately he still has to finish that medicine as well as now take another antibiotic for the Thrush. Even worse, Thrush is contagious if Evan were to swap pacifiers with another child. So I kept him home for 3 days from daycare per their request. So as of last night, Evan no longer has his paci and is still taking antibiotics. Hopefully everything clears up soon. Poor guy.


We 2 B's said...

Oh Man! Poor Evan & you. Ear infection are bad by themselves but when they get something else! Uck! Christmas time is the worse time to get sick. I hope you all get better quickly so that you can enjoy the holidays and not have to worry about being sick. This year seems to be a hard year for everyone!

Tiffany said...

The one good thing that came out of it is that he longer uses the pacifier. He is still having a rough time dealing without it, but we're not turning back.