Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mom Tip #1

Do you ever read in the parenting type magazines where they have those "Mom Tips"? Well here's mine, to prevent this from happening to you.
Ever since Evan started walking I was glad that he could walk himself to my truck. Carrying his heavy load, he weighs 29.6 lbs as of yesterday, was killing my back. Carrying him and my purse, his cooler bag, my keys and whatever else we need in the morning was beginning to be TOO much. SoI started letting Evan follow Kelly to my truck in the driveway. He had figured out the routine and knew which side of the vehicle his carseat was on. I always let him climb up in the truck while holding his hand and once he is on the seat I let him crawl into his carseat. I usually leave that door open and load up the rest of our stuff in back of the truck.
I've always had this feeling that one day he might slip on the seat and fall to the ground. But he's been so curious about the dome light above his seat that he's usually standing in his carseat turning it on and off.
Today I decided that I would close his door while I loaded up. I still had our jackets on my arm and I opened up his door to buckle him in and he must've been leaning on the door and came tumbling out. I grabbed at him preventing his fall from being about 4 feet down to about a foot. But he still hit the concrete ground on the side of his head. I freaked out and scooped up my crying little boy. I checked him for blood and cuts. Thank God he was not cut. I felt so bad and knew that letting my 16 month old climb into the truck and not just following through with buckling him in was a mistake. So from now on. NEW ROUTINE.


We 2 B's said...

Good mom tip! You forget how fast things can happen. Glad everyone is ok, Evan's head and your heart!
Love the new background!

Jill said...

OMG! I am so glad he is okay! I have made some mistakes myself as a parent. One time I let my oldest daughter Alexa walk to the car and I was behind her with my back turned for one second and she decided to head towards the street instead of the car. BIG NO NO! I have never let that happen again!