Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Santa Shop

Last week Kelly's school sent home a money envelope and a letter explaining that the school's PTA was holding a holiday Santa shop for the students. It was there for them to go shopping for their parents, siblings, grandparents and/or pets. I sent her yesterday with a $15.00 check in the envelope. The letter didn't explain how to designate how much and who she should be buying for. It listed mother, father, brother etc.. on the front and amount, but without seeing what they had to offer I couldn't pick for her to spend how much for each of us. I figured that they would have an adult or teacher help each child in deciding what to get. Or at least question if they're buying for their mommy or daddy?

So yesterday afternoon she was so excited to pull out her bag of goodies. She pulls out one dog bone ( we have 2 dogs) , 2 cat toys, a wiggly bird feather pen, a clip-on dolly, a 3" stuffed leopard, some lip gloss, a coin purse, and one of those slimy slingy things that you can get out of a quarter machine. She tells me, " look what I got mom". I tried to question her what she bought for mommy and daddy. Of course this upsets her and she drops to the floor and starts to cry.

This is not her fault. Why would they let a 5 year old pick out some junk?? So last night we made the best of it and picked who would get what for Christmas and rethinking how this will go next year. But I wasn't satisfied with that. So this morning, I questioned her teacher on who helps the kids pick out their "gifts". She said that the PTA is in there to help the students pick out stuff. OKAY, sure. I told her that Kelly came home with a bunch of "junk" for herself. She told me to go check it out for myself and I did.

Well. These items are like what you might find at Dollar Tree or online at Oriental Trading company. Not your best choices for gifts. Now there were some decent items like a #1 Grandma or #1 Grandpa pen. and #1 Dad coffee mug.

So I spoke with the ladies there this morning and told them of my dilemma. They were very understanding and I exchanged just a few of the items for some more appropriate gifts. I was a bit worried about doing this without Kelly there, but the woman I dealt with said that if Kelly waited until tomorrow there might not be any "good" gifts left. I'm sure this afternoon when I explain what I did Kelly won't be too upset. I did keep the clip-on doll just for her.

So a word of the wise. Next year, I'll know what to expect. Or maybe, I'll just take her to the Target or Walmart and she can pick out stuff there.


We 2 B's said...

We do the same kind of thing at our school. I'm the treasurer of our PTCA - so last year I went with her and I helped her! It's insane with all the kids in there and they really don't want your help. We had some kids who did the same thing last year, got a bunch of stuff for themselves. The products aren't great quality, but they do pick them out themselves and it was her favorite part of Christmas. Every year is a learning experience... Isn't school fun!

Jill said...

They really should have helped her but most of them just care about making that buck. Why didn't the teacher look over her?? Well at least she had fun picking the stuff out. Maybe you can break the bone in half.. lol