Friday, December 12, 2008


If you read my blog called "Laughter" you'll remember my new route for driving the kids to school. Kelly loves the "bumpy road" as she calls it, Evan really doesn't care much about it anymore. It saves me time in the morning so I continue to go that way. But it really bothers me how the people that live off that road act when I drive by them. There is this one woman who walks her black lab down that road, I've seen her 4 times now. The first time I drove by her, I smiled. You would think she would have smiled back, but NO. She scowled at me. Whatever. She has given me scowls everytime I've passed her as she has had to move into the grass as I drive by.
Today I passed another person walking his 2 dogs. I smiled at him as I went by. Did he smile back? Heck no! What is it with these people? Do they think they own that road? That I can't use that PUBLIC road?? Do they think that by being rude to me will stop me from using my shortcut? Heck no.
Why must be people be so mean? Oh well.


We 2 Bees said...

People! I wonder could we just do away with the mean ones! We have a lady on our street who thinks she has the right to tell everyone else what to do. Drives me crazy too!