Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stage Moms

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Remember about a week a ago when I mentioned the other catty mom's at dance class. I was unable to watch my daughter in her tap or ballet class because they blocked the viewing windows. So last Thursday I got there early and parked myself a chair and Little E a chair right in front of the windows. Of course I was given a few steel grey eyes and backward glances and sometimes they moved in and quietly said nothing. Well, the nothing was their heavy sighs because Little E would stand up in his chair and block their view. Yeah, whatever.

I was warned that I will have to deal with the catty moms, the "stage moms". My close friend from high school has her daughter's attend the same studio. She is actually the person who referred me to this studio and gave me a head's up on how "other" mom's are. She gave me advice and said that I should throw her name around a little. Since her oldest daughter is in the studio's senior competition dance group, the other mom's will kiss my butt. I'm waiting, it hasn't come to butt kissing yet.

Last year Miss K was only in one class on Friday evening's and we never had to be in contact with "those" mom's. I got a small taste of what I would be dealing with over the summer when I enrolled K in a summer class of tap/jazz/ballet. The mother's of the girls in her class were pretty nice but the class after ours, whoa!! They would arrive 10 minutes early and even though their daughters were standing right beside them, for some reason they would try to push up to the window and see what our class was doing. The nerve!

So last night at her ballet class I was lucky to score a chair near the window. Since Little E had taken a nap earlier in the day he was full of energy and I tried to keep him occupied with several toys. I tried my best to peek in on her class from time to time but as usual, the catty moms were blocking the window. I have had enough of it though. Seriously. I think I hit my last nerve when one of the mom's thought she could scold my son and tell him no. I shot her the look, YES THE LOOK. I was pretty hot by this and flashes of getting up and giving her a piece of mine were running in my head. But I thought better of it and gave her the evil eye. It worked. She knew I was pissed.
I am getting there early again tonight. Yes, I will camping out on a chair up front and center. I can't wait to see what happens. I think I may buy myself another frappucino and let Little E has a sip. Ya know. It might keep the vultures at bay.


Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

I do not understand why some moms have to be that way! At all. It's like you have stepped backwards and are in grade school all over again! UG!

Shell said...

Oh, I would be so annoyed by those moms!

Anonymous said...

Oh girl, I so would be annoyed. I'm so glad you gave her the look. I hate it when other people discipline my child when I'm.right.there! Those ladies need to relax.

Anonymous said...

Some people can be so rude. Good luck!

All things Gale said...

HAHA!!! You go! Have you seen the TV show Nurse Betty? This scenario reminds me of a scene in one of the episodes where she is at a dance class with her daughter. Another girl keeps bumping into her daughter and she finally LOSES IT on that girl. I was cheering her on while her daughter was a little embarrassed. I think her daughter would understand one day :)

MommyLovesStilettos said...

My daughter started gymnastics last week and holy SHIT I cannot believe how CRAZY some of the moms are. They get there like an hour early so they can sit in the front row and talk about how their kids are better than everyone elses. Ewwww.