Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WMW: The best part of waking up.....

The house is's 6:00am. The alarm clock is beeping..the ever annoying beep that tells me that my peaceful sleep is over. I might get lucky and get one snooze in...9 minutes. Then the dogs begin to stir in their crates and want to go outside and do their business. The daily routine has begun. I get my only peace and quiet while I take a shower to wake up. 10 minutes of hot water beating down on me. If I take too long there isn't much time for pampering myself. I get dressed and get to the other side of the house to wake the sleeping beauties.
Flicking on the lights in their rooms does nothing to wake them. You practically have to drag them out of their beds and start barking orders at them. It's a little like boot camp. 6:30 am and they both have 30 minutes to eat breakfast. It's odd how two children as infants and into toddler hood that loved breakfast now take an eternity to eat. I prepare lunches while prodding them along the way to eat this or that.
The coffee is brewing. Ahhhh. The smell of my sweet Kona coffee. I love you my Keurig. 6:35 am and daddy comes in and chugs his yogurt drink and pours up his coffee. The kids find the energy to crawl on daddy and get kisses and hugs goodbye. It's going on 6:45am and settling the kids back at the kitchen table to eat again. Lunches are packed and I find myself back in my bedroom to make the bed and catch the last 10 minutes of the morning news. If I'm lucky I get to see the highlights of the news and top stories before I have to get back into the kitchen to make sure the kids are done eating.
7:00am and it's time to get Miss K to go get dressed and make her bed while I take Little E to get him changed. If I'm lucky miss K will change her clothes without me having to tell her twice. If the television is on Nick Jr. she will get ready quickly and dash to the couch. 7:10am and I have to remind Miss K that she needs to make her bed, turn off the fan and lights and get her shoes on. I'm back in my room and getting my makeup on and fixing my hair. The pressure is mounting because we have to walk out the door at 7:35. Always without fail Little E will come in while I'm fixing my hair to complain that his sister is doing "something" to him. "something" could be taking a toy, blocking the tv or she won't let him on the couch. Such interruptions will set me back further but if I don't rectify the problem it will only escalate into much more.
7:30 am and I get my first sip of my coffee. I might actually get to taste it while it's still warm.

I toss a bagel into the toaster and while it's heating up I give the dogs their kibble and put them away for the day. After wrangling Little E into a calm sitting position I get his shoes on and turn the tv off. Once the cartoons are off I can get their attention and have them grab their lunch boxes and bags. I grab my bagel and quickly slather on some cream cheese-the breakfast of mom champions! I set the alarm on the house and we make it out the door.
I enjoy every bite of my cinnamon raisin toasted bagel with honey nut cream cheese. There's nothing better than Kona coffee to wash it down while I muddle through the parent drop off loop. We loop around the school and the 1st bell is ringing. It's 7:50am and I'm down one child for a few hours. The day has only just begun.


Julia said...

I looooooooooooved how you told this story... i was so enthralled in it, it was like i was right there with you!!

sounds like crazy mornings at your house. ;)

thanks for sharing that peek into your life!!

Julia said...

oh, and i love the new blog look!

Rachel M. said...

WOW! I'm tired just reading this!!!

Susan DiMickele said...

So great to find you. Visiting from WMW! You are a kindred spirit indeed.

Shell said...

I would be ready for a nap by 8 then. Not that I'd be able to take one, just be praying for one.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow girl, you are doing more by 8 am than I do all day. Seriously. You are one busy mama. :)