Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Putting on the Ritz

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It's that time of the year again for dancers to get organized, tighten down, perfect their dance moves and look their absolute best for the recital. It's been a crazy year as a "dance mom" driving Miss K back and forth three times a week, thirty minutes one way to dance classes. The pressure has increased these last few weeks will an ALL day picture call and dress rehearsals.

This weekend will be no exception, on Saturday afternoon we have to get Miss K dressed in one of her costumes, apply full recital makeup and do her hair for her Acrobatics class rehearsal. Next weekend we're having rehearsals for her other three classes and then the show is only two weeks after that.

I'm getting so excited! I bought my tickets for the evening show where Miss K performs two of her numbers. Unfortunately, I will be the only one who sees her at the matinee show where she performs her ballet and jazz numbers. I will taking photos and videoing her though!

Wish us luck for a great performance and that I survive these next few weeks of driving to and fro.


angelshrout said...

OH OH post the videos.. she is gonna be awesome..

Queen Bee said...

That is a lot of driving around! WOW! Good Luck! I'm sure she is going to be wonderful! Can't wait to see pictures! Ours in June 10th and I thank God we only have one class, three dances but all on the same night! Miss K will be incredible!

tvs take said...

WOW - she looks so beautiful! Hope she doesn't great. All that driving...so much work for everyone.

Angie In My Own Little Corner said...

She is beautiful!! Can't wait to see pictures and hear how she does!!


shellthings said...

She's so cute! Much luck to her!