Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekends of May

It has been a great month of May so far. I can't believe that it's halfway over and in 10 days Miss K will be done with school and finishing the 2nd grade. Where does the time go?

The first picture is from Mother's Day weekend after the kids and the hubs gave me my gift. They bought me a Canon Power Shot SX230 HS point and shoot camera. It takes amazing photos, much better than my Nikon D50. Since the Canon uses a different SD card than my computer accepts, my hubs has been uploading the photos to his Mac and I finally got on it to use them on the blog. It's quite frustrating to say the least, because I know how to use a PC but it takes me forever to work the Mac.

We took the kids to the beach on Mother's Day weekend where Miss K never left the pool. Little E loves the ocean so he went with us to see the waves and pretend he was fishing.

Miss K finally started swimming without using a float or holding the side of the pool that weekend. I was going to take her for swimming lessons this summer and she finally did it by herself. Living in Florida where the beaches are, swimming pools are in every other back yard, and going to the water parks in the summer is a necessity one must know how to swim. I am still going to sign up Little E so we can have a peace of mind for both kids.

I never took lessons. My parents had a pool when I was a kid and we taught ourselves. It was like, sink or swim. When I was a kid your parents threw you into the pool and you floated or sank. Nowadays, it would be child abuse if some one witnessed that.

This Saturday Miss K had some dance rehearsals for her upcoming dance recital. On Sunday we went to my niece's 6th Birthday party. Her parents live in a gated community with a clubhouse with a pool. The kids spent most of the time swimming like fish. We were lucky enough to pull them out to eat lunch, sing Happy Birthday and watch the birthday girl open gifts.
Now the weekend is over and I've got to get busy with housework. Wet towels from swimming. Laundry. Mopping the kitchen floor from wet feet. It rained this weekend, which is a good thing, but it makes dirty floors from the dog and kids.

Hope you had a great weekend.What did you do to enjoy the sunshine?


Morgan said...

 Growing up right before your eyes!

Visting from SITS :)

Michelle Pixie said...

Your kiddos are so dang cute! My girls love to swim and I can't wait until it warms up for good so we can enjoy the water.

Saturday we had some wonderful sunshine in the morning so we headed to the Farmer's Market and got some yummy food to barbeque and now I can't wait for next Saturday to do it again! ;-)