Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Fragments: Episode #183

Mommy's Idea

My husband decided to have dinner out on Tuesday night after Miss K's dance class. She gets finished by 6:45-7:00pm so it's a common thing for us to go out. But this week was the Schwan's Tuesday and since this weekend is Superbowl weekend I needed snacks for the party. For the life of me I could not remember the delivery man's name. I had the hubs leave him at note.. addressed..Dear Schwans' man. Yeah, that's pretty sad. 

I punished the kids this week with taking away the privilege of riding in daddy's Element when they wouldn't obey and were being disrespectful to me. It was a long ride home for me having to listen to Little E saying  "we're never getting to ride in daddy's car again" over and over and over again, in between sobs. It was more of a punishment for me than them!
I walked into the restroom at work on Wednesday to wash m my hands real quick, knowing that Little E was in there. I figured he was probably sitting on the toilet reading a magazine. To my surprise, he was standing in the sink trying to get a paper towel. Of course the first one he yanked off, tore and it was not good enough anymore. Again, he is becoming more OCD daily.

I was so glad to see that Grey's Anatomy was new this week. It was quite a different episode than normal and my husband said he just couldn't get into it.

I'm planning a Super Bowl party for this weekend. I've bought most of the food and we've invited a few people but some can't come. So I hope I don't have too much food. I've got wings, twice baked potatoes, cheese sticks, dip and chips, mini pizza puffs. I haven't had a party since Miss K's birthday and I'm actually excited about entertaining.

I try really hard each week to keep up with my weekly devotions for church. This week I've actually made the time to read the booklet and keep up with the Bible passages. I want to share a few sentences that really struck a cord with me in my devotional book. 

Christianity is not just about getting forgiven and going to Heaven when we die.To give God nothing when he has given us so much would be to sin against his love; it would be to turn God into our servant and salvation into an insurance policy. 
 It makes you really think.


unknownmami said...

If I could attend your Super Bowl party, I would love to help you eat all those yummy treats. 

Mrs4444 said...

I love Schwan's stuff, but our guy comes at 9pm and stays and stays; it's not worth it. I miss their frozen yogurt bars...

Loved the punishment story. Sorry, but I had to laugh :)

Thanks for linking up this week. Have a great time tomorrow!

CrazyKindofMom said...

Our Schwan's guys used to come at 6:30ish then he figured out that we weren't home most of the time so he started coming later.
I love their ice creams.
It was punishment for both sides. lol.

CrazyKindofMom said...

I'd surely share with you! :)