Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PYHO: Time Management

Time management has always been an issue of mine that I just can't seem to conquer. Being a mom to an eight year old child with ADHD, that is involved with extra curricular activities, plus an intelligent, full of energy four year old, those responsibilities take up a lot of my time. 
Then you add in working outside the home 15 hours a week split between three days, all the chores that come with owning a home that have pets living in it and dedicating my family and myself to our church. 

And I can't forget spending quality time with my husband after the regular day to day chores are done, when I'm finally sitting down taking a breath of air. 

Where is the ME time? Now, I do have free time in my day and when that time is, varies from day to day. Sometimes that time still gets used for some other unexpected trip to the store, the bank, or a catastrophic mess (we've had a few of those lately) and when the day is over after those "extras", I am exhausted. Leaving my extra time in the evening, to pass out asleep.

The time that I try to set aside for myself is split between three important things to me. Blogging. Reading emails and other blogs. Reading my devotions and Bible. I have several other things I would love to do, but they get put by the wayside more often than not. 

I love to write when I have the time. Okay, we've covered that my time is very limited. I used to sacrifice sleeping time and would stay up at least an hour longer to write my posts. But that caught up with me after too many weeks of doing that. Then I dipped into my time that was spent on reading my devotions and wrote posts during that time. 

Feeling guilty about not reading my devotions caught up with me and I had to find time some where else to write my posts. Really? How does anyone else do this? How do other bloggers find the time to write posts, read other posts, read emails, respond to emails? 

Why do I feel so guilty about something that is supposed to be a hobby? Something that I enjoy. 


Tatter Scoops said...

Oh i wonder about the same topic a whole lot too. I'm a single Mom, I'm now not working full time but I still don't have enough time to fully committed myself to blogging like I wish I could. I wish you the best tho' :)

CrazyKindofMom said...

Thanks for replying and thank you for the encouragement! I'm not giving up.

Hinessightblog said...

I so can relate to this post.  Actually, I read your post, and have 30 seconds to comment because I've got to wake my daughter, and get to carpool, and i have a 12 minute drive.  But, it's hard to read a lot of blogs so I may not be able to visit daily, but I try to catch up on a lot of posts at once.  It's really hard.  Got to run....late. 

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Yup, not much me time here. I get up early to blog.

shellthings said...

I think we have to let go of the guilt. 

I'm working on it. Like before, I would be beating myself that it's taking me til today to get to read the PYHO links... but really, I just couldn't til now. and that had to be okay. 

CrazyKindofMom said...

Guilt...guilt..guilt. It creeps up on ya. I'm feeling so guilty, I haven't written a post since this one. BAD me!
I 'm thankful for the comments, whenever they come in. :-) 

CrazyKindofMom said...

I need a wake up call. lol. 

CrazyKindofMom said...

Awww. Well thank you for taking the 30 seconds. It means a lot.