Sunday, February 5, 2012

Whose Sideline are you on

Today is the BIG DAY!! I'm sure I don't have to remind you that it's the day for the Super Bowl XLVI, but if you're a hermit or you don't want much tv or maybe you avoid sports at all costs then maybe you don't have a clue what day it is.

I think even if you fall into one of those categories, you would not be able to avoid it. When I went to the grocery store and Walmart yesterday to get my regular groceries for the week and the rest of the food for my party, it was pretty obvious that many parties would be going on.

The chip isle at Walmart was running low on nacho chips for one. There were two vendors loading the racks on a Saturday...something I have never seen.

The condiment isle was picked over in the wing sauce section and there was an over abundance of ranch dressings shoved into many places. Wings anyone??

I am not joining the crowd with home made wings. Been there..tried that. I would normally buy the wings from my favorite local restaurant/lounge (who by the way makes the BEST teriyaki wings) but I cheated and bought some Schwans wings. It's close enough to home made.

I'm hoping they turn out good.

Kick off is at 6:30pm tonight and I sure hope that I've got all my snacks ready to go by then. I skipped on making the pizza puffs this time. My friend is bringing several items and I don't think we need them. Thank you Pinterest for the recipe and idea. I'll be making those for dinner in a week or so.

Shamely, I am rooting for the Patriots! Thankfully it's hubby's team. Since my 'boys couldn't get there. It was pretty funny when we explained the Super Bowl to Little E. My hubby said that we were rooting for the Patriots who were playing against the Giants. (blech) Little E says "Well I'm rooting for the Cowboys daddy! GO COWBOYS".

Hahaha! That's my boy!

Maybe next year. 

Enjoy your game day and may the best team win!